It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


wow, 3 whole hours of absolute quiet on this forum; that’s pretty weird


I Can watch some potatoes grow!

P. S. The International Truck is fugly imo.


Of course right after I bought it! I’m so annoyed. lol but at least others will have the chance. The Switch version of Dragon Quest XI is coming to all other consoles and PC.

Hope y’all try it out, really good RPG. :slight_smile:


Looks like Fatshark , devs of Vermintide is going to let us hack through different kind of tides this time around.


Always up for more hacking (and slashing). ^^


Mindless hacking and slashing is a fun way to unwind that doesn’t require too much brain power. Probably why I love musou style games (dynasty warriors, hyrule warriors, etc) so much. I don’t need to be fully awake to have fun and feel like I’m accomplishing something :gift_heart:




This looks beautiful


It is gorgeous! Shamans being nice to the planet and animals. Looks like a good place for sloth and squirrels. =^_^=


I doubt that they will deviate far from their formula of Vermintide but that’s okey with me. I really liked both Vermintides and played decent amount of both so just that but in different part of warhammer universe would make me happy enough .


This looks really good. I love a good NES aesthetic, but as opposed to how it is so often used to disguise poor art abilities by some developers this game uses the style to look amazing. Using the 8bit aesthetic but pulling off things the NES could never have accomplished.

The game claims “Carefully crafted 8-bit graphics, just like you remember them!” which is kind of true. This is how I remember old NES titles looking, but it certainly isn’t how they actually looked.


I love it! It reminds me of the NES TMNT games! The palette is gorgeous! :slight_smile:


Price has increased to $37.49 USD which I assume was following the addition of a new island.


Insane that they think they can increase the base price on stuff like that and think that most people are going to be okay with it.


People who were already off-put and on the fence on the price are not going to be more persuaded to buy it when the price goes up on stuff. (like me)

Same thing happened to me on Shovel Knight. They added a bunch of content and raised the price of the main game, I hadn’t purchased it because I was waiting for a decent (more than 30%) discount. So the old discount price is what I still see as the low and probably won’t purchase until it gets back around or lower than there…which will probably be next decade.


Some publishers just refuse to discount certain products of theirs in any significant way. I understand that this is not directly comparable but i’m in similar situation with Sekiro. It just never drops below 33% which is still too expensive for me.

Ofc Sekiro is not going to rise in price and it’s way newer game than Shovel Knight but yeah, i’m starting to lose hope to snatch it at decent price.


I found myself in a similar trap with Shovel Knight and I think they realized that this was happening with a reasonably large number of people. In May last year they decided to offer the game at a pretty big discount on GOG a week or so before they were going to release another big update that also would include a few spin off titles as the treasure trove package. It didn’t reach the historical low but close enough at $12, I think, that I decided to get it at that time.

I think it’s entirely fair to raise your prices at certain points during early access, it’s a pretty common thing to do and is meant to reflect the increase in content. Arguably the very first early access game, Minecraft, did exactly this.

As far as this game is concerned though they put the game out at a pretty high price point from the start so I’ve gotta wonder what they think their full price will end up being.


The feels. Epic Store is full of tempting tasties, but I really do want Sekiro. Hence every sale I smile at Control and just don’t bother. Plus, if I’m going to +1 a big title, it’s going to Sekiro - so much replay value! So many shiny weapon possibilities in that arm! :heart:


If one is truly interested, it’s no rocket science and only takes a couple minutes read. Maybe then people would be less ignorant. I’m sorry, it’s just tiresome to see stuff like this not only here, but at steam discussions as well.



I think most people here knew it would increase, understand it’s par for the course, and don’t have an issue with them increasing it. It’s just it already started expensive for an early access game.

I intended the post to be informational. People can decide to buy it now, or wait until it’s out of Early Access.

You do have the option to not read the discussion(s), nobody is forcing you to read it.