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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Yeah… I was not expecting $35 for right out of the gate early access.


They said somewhere on twitter that this price wouldn’t be far from the final price of the game.

As for regional pricing, it’s still expensive here, but much better than it would if it there was no regional pricing.

Current: 66 BRL
Without Regional Pricing: 147 BRL


So there’s a One Punch Man game - not ready for release though. The anime was cool. I loved Genos and most of the enemy characters.



A heads up, if anyone is crazy about Wolcen and plan to get on release on the 13th, best to get it now since price will go up from 30 USD to 45 USD.


Thanks @Enki. :smiley: I am going to try not to overload my backlog too much, but I am following it now, so maybe one of these days on a good sale…


@Enki @YQMaoski Waiting for a sale on this one too, because it looks amazing!


Where are the Metroidvania fans at?


Now there’s an ancient IP I didn’t think still had life in it.
This looks interesting though, thanks for showing it off.

Though it looks like it REALLY wants to be Symphony of the Night, which if they manage to could be great. But it is often cause for concern when things try too hard to be something instead of finding it’s own identity.


:arrow_down: A few more details…:arrow_down:


WHAT?! As in the ANIME?!

Oh man, I’m super excited for this one! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to the Record of Lodoss War game. What an odd IP to resurrect though! I hope it doesn’t get in the way of the game’s sales.

The environment art in it looks very similar to that in Touhou Luna Nights, I wonder if it’s the same art team?


Been sooooo long since I watched it. Now I’m wondering where to find it and go through again. O_o


I know Funimation has OVA 1, not sure if they have the rest or plan to add them. :slight_smile:


This one seemed interesting to me ever since E3:

Not exactly a game but a DLC:

And, of course Ori and the Will of the Wisps is coming soon! (11 March). I absolutely can’t wait.


I like the looks of this one…


Yep, and the team behind Gensokyo Night Festival too, PLAYISM bringing together great pixel art and fx artists for this.


2004 single player game recently got on steam.


I probably should have included that this game had a popular following at that time. It probably wouldn’t interest people that haven’t played the game. But I put it up just in case someone else out there was interested in buying it out of nostalgia.


A bit pricy for 16 years old game imho.