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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I think yr misusing the word hype here; this game is playable and has been for months, so ppl know exactly what they are getting or going to get (except with more game content).

Hype, when talking about game releases etc., is used for things which are still unknown imo, ppl get hyped cuz they think something is going to be amazing but they dont actually know; here, ppl know exactly what they are getting, so there is no ‘unknown’ to get hyped about.

(disclaimer: i dont know this youtuber nor have i ever watched them)


I understand what you are saying but I don’t think it is totally accurate. There are multiple games where you could watch 100 hours of gameplay and still not know a lot about the game. So people can still choose to not buy into the “hype” even if the game has been out for months. I would say it is more used for games or products not yet released but still can apply to things that have been out for awhile.




I would say Hype is excitement for a product release, including releases other places.

If it’s not hype if it’s released already, then what is the excitement around Halo on PC?

But really, we’re arguing over hype when @DontBeSilly did not know that the game was available elsewhere, so to him it was hype.

And lastly, what is the point of arguing over what is and is not hype? Is it not subjective?

Skyrim + Mods


WoW, Ark, GTAV, most MMOs and survival type games. 100 hours of gameplay is nothing to those games with the amount of content they have in them. Hard to find out everything about them. @Pylinaer gave a great answer as well :slight_smile:


this is such a non-discussion at this point

I’m not even going to argue the point that when one watches 100s of hours of a game he does or does not know a lot about the game cuz that’s just clear as day

yr arguing to my point here, as we’re awaiting its release on pc (not to mention some are remastered and several come to pc for the very first time); i too am hyped for that




I don’t think anyone is foolish enough to make their game literally exclusive to one PC launcher (different story if the publisher owns the launcher as well though). Doesn’t matter how much better Epic pays them, it won’t compensate for the reduced audience. Mostly we’re just seeing exclusive launches. Which, as much as the internet throws a fit about it, seems the proper mercenary-with-a-heart-of-gold thing to do: take the money, wait a bit, then return to business as usual.


Hades just (yesterday) released an announcement about coming to Steam on the 10th of December as per their store page. Concomitantly, Supergiant* has a 10-year anniversary sale going on to those who are interested in acquiring their previous games – Bastion, Transistor and Pyre, at 80%, 80% and 70% off respectively.

That aside, Steam’s new Gamescon sale page has brought to my attention – and reminded me of – quite a few interesting indie games. Apologies if they have been linked here before:



El Hijo


Minute of Islands

Coffee Talk

Heavenly Bodies


And just a reminder of games I’ve been hyped for for the longest of times which are also featured on the Gamescon page:

Blacksad: Under the Skin [5 Nov. 2019]

Overland [“Fall” 2019]

Mosaic [2019]

Haven [2020]

LUNA The Shadow Dust [“Winter” 2019]

Genesis Noir [Before, During, and After the Big Bang]

In Other Waters [When what lurks beneath the surface becomes known.]

Sorry for double-posting but too many links in one post makes me uncomfortable have a nice weekend. :+1:


Hades was pretty much the first title on Epic, it’s one of the title the store launched with and at the time we didn’t have much information on the whole thing. I don’t know if they even specified the timed nature of the deal back then, even if it was always the case. Hence I guess I just incorrectly assumed it was just going to be on Epic only.

Either way Supergiant games took the deal before everyone knew what was going on and did not get that much of a backlash. It was not a game they had so much as mentioned anywhere else before as far as I’m aware. To this point Supergiant Games is one of very few devs I can’t fault too much with this choice. There was no deception, no going back on previous promises or vitriol to their customers involved. Even if I think they should probably have understood that distribution exclusivity is and always will be an anti-consumer thing.

Even more so with them still being in Early Access at the end of the deal this has not in any way impacted me personally, as I generally stay away from early access purchases anyway. So this might have been a good use of the Epic bribes.


It’s not your fault for believing that, because they very much wanted you to believe it and did their best to convey that interpretation. If you know a game is eventually coming to Steam or GoG, you might wait for it! Besides, whether due to willful ignorance in the pursuit of clickbaity articles or just giving in to their own assumptions, most games media referred to “Epic exclusives” rather than being upfront about launch-exclusivity.

I also agree that most of the internet’s company hate is directed towards larger companies and those that split up a series. Bonus points for falling into both categories: I think people were a lot more upset about splitting a series like Borderlands than they were of lone games. Whiny children are still leaving negative BL2 reviews solely to throw a tantrum about BL3 launching on Epic first.

I don’t buy games on release anyway, so it doesn’t affect me either.


@Fraggles @BlivetWidget
For what it’s worth, Supergiant has always been very clear right from the start that Hades will eventually be released across multiple platforms when it’s 100% finished. It was launched on Epic as sort of an experiment (their words) because it’s the first time a Supergiant game was released as Early Access instead of 100% complete.


Been in love with that one for a while. :heart:


I guess we just understand this word differently? I might as well interpret it wrong since i’m not a native english speaker so it’s entirely possible i just add some different meanings to it.


New game from the devs who made Momodora just released today. Cheaper on GOG than steam.




I WANT!!! OH MY :heart: Delenn does a voice in this one! PLUS it’s under water :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

“The cast includes several award-winning voice actors led by Anna Akana (Awkward, Ant-Man), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Hotel Rwanda, Black Sails), Mira Furlan (Babylon 5, Lost), and Ally Maki (Big Bang Theory, Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger)…Beyond Blue features never-before-seen footage licensed from BBC Studios’ Blue Planet II, expanding upon the game’s story and educating players about the social and emotional lives of a pod of whales, seen in short encounters.”

Official Website:


Hopefully they had enough money left over to make a good game. (VA isn’t cheap)


Portal 3 and half life vr or both vr