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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Larian studios, finally the baldur’s gate franchise is in the hand of a worthy developer. I might cautiously look forward to this one.


The best RPG ever made … this is something to look forward for sure.


I’m so happy, I just saw the Google Stadia presentation with Sven talking about the game, that man emanates joy. I’m sure they will do their best. Love Larian!


Day Two of THQ Nordic’s Pre-E3 Shenanigans

So, when the E3 listings screenshot from THQN’s…interesting… AMA started getting passed around, I had a theory as to what “Darksiders: Genesis” was, assuming it was real. Assuming the screenshot wasn’t forged, it made perfect sense as the company had spoken quite a bit about how they now value Darksiders as one of their core franchises.

First off, I knew that either Gunfire wasn’t involved or this game would basically be a title screen trailer at most. Darksiders III just came out (at the time), and they were still working on the two DLCs planned! (since then, The Crucible has released, with Keepers of the Void almost finished)

Second, judging by the title (Genesis), I already knew this wasn’t going to move the story forward. This is a prequel… not these half-prequels like 2 and 3, but an ACTUAL prequel, one that covers the past parts of the timeline before War showed up to work on a Saturday and screwed the planet over.

Well, my own prediction was this: THQN was already in contact with another studio named Airship Syndicate, a studio that… just happens to have a ton of ex-Vigil staff heading it. I always found it odd that Airship Syndicate had no real role in the future of Darksiders outside of JoeMAD doing some character art for 3, and this game is clearly why their role was so minimal: this must be their own Darksiders project, a spinoff of sorts.

…is this Strife’s game?

Well, I was right. DARKSIDERS: GENESIS, coming out some time later this year. It’s… a strange game. A very strange one.

It’ll have 2 player co-op, and more significantly, it’s TOP-DOWN ACTION.

I guess we’ll see how this turns out. I’m definitely interested, but I fully expect that some people are going to be VERY divided on it with the perspective change. Just look at what a bit of extra dodging did to 3’s reputation, after all…

Oh and good on Strife for actually figuring out where he left his guns


Technically not a new release but…:
July 16th, 2019


Alright, this is it for now.

Day Three of THQ Nordic’s Pre-E3 Shenanigans

First, SpongeBob caught me completely off guard, but I had a good idea of what the other two games were… number 2 was Darksiders Genesis, probably a game by Airship Syndicate; and number 3 was going to be either a remake or a reboot for DESTROY ALL HUMANS! The chance for a sequel was there, but I highly doubted it.

Well, as predicted, the developers of Fade to Silence seem to have been placed squarely in Pandemic’s old chair.

All in all, $30 for Spongebob BfBB completely remade with cut content, and $30 for Destroy All Humans remade with cut content… that’s probably about half the price of what it’s really worth. I’m hyped to hell to play both of these one more time with a more modern approach, and Darksiders Genesis as well… it’ll be a tough call.

Nvidia also knows a little something about the future of Red Faction, but we only have a name so far-- Red Faction: Evolution. Guess we’ll see something at E3, then?


@yoshirules and @yoel666 already have this on their wish list. I am going to give a shout out to @coralinecastell, @YQMaoski and @AcornAvenger and i am sure I am leaving out others… Sorry :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Made by the devs of Sundered and Jotun


Thanks! Just wishlisted and followed. :smiley:


A Spongebob game? Well alright then.



And thanks @delenn13 :yellow_heart:


put it on my wishlist too :smiley:


“Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying”

… You had me at dying.


Thank you so much, @deleen13! :hugs: this game looks so pretty :heart_eyes:


Here’s another “pretty one”…@yoshirules @yoel666 @coralinecastell, @YQMaoski @missiloon and @AcornAvenger And you know what? I think @KittiBear will like this one too :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Also added to my wishlist, i hope it will get steam achievements :smiley:


I am not a fan of JRPGs, but I am a fan of all things pretty, so I guess it evens out. Thanks for another great recommendation!

I’ve taken to “following” upcoming releases instead of wishlisting them, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see my icon on the “friends who want this” list. :wink:


Both games that I would definitely play and not a single mention, I feel like I’m the black sheep, mother delenn doesn’t like me


I knew it; I knew it. I should have never mentioned names. I am a bad mother…Playing favourites…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@delenn13 :heart: :blush:


Cannot wait, need rn!


Journey’s End? The last patch then? I’ve only recently gotten into Terraria but if this is the end, even I feel its loss. :cry: