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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


this counts ? :thinking:

… wait for it
Merch! (store)


Witcher 4, only on Epic, not even in GOG. Wouldn’t that have been a better headline?


A store? Isn’t GOG their store though? Or are they rebranding?


Ah! Merch store! That’s really cool, actually! We can always trust them, can’t wait? :slight_smile:


haha yea that notion caught a few people in the thread too, “don’ you alread…” :smile: good thing they popped that second tweet in few mins later to clarify :rofl:


A CDPR Merch store sounds amazing though, they should have a gold mine of merch coming out of the Witcher series alone. I want a wolf’s head medallion obviously, could go with a set of rune stones and a top tier bear armour set!

ooh and I want silver sword too!
…maybe a griffin trophy on a hook?

This place is going to ruin me.


Read through the thread a bit. best response:

#247 new lopoly releaase NEWLOPOLY RELEAS3


dang that looks familiar, could’ve sworn i had seen that game “long” time ago :thinking:


e3 2017 or gameawards maybe ?


no more like in “another game” -like very similar style… can’t remember which, first i thought it was Mountain, then i remembered that’s not a game :wink:, so wasn’t it, but some other :thinking:i think :man_shrugging:


Perhaps? Or maybe the many others in low poly style? :rofl:


new dbz game :open_mouth:


But… FighterZ just came out, didn’t it? :thinking:


This one is a card game, fundamentally different gameplay.


this is a card japanese arcade game
no fight 2d but is the same


not yet on steam, but i really really hope it will come to steam: Steamworld quest.


I mean, it’s STEAMworld.



switch games looks so nice


I played Boxboy on 3DS, it’s a great puzzle game and dirt cheap too!


TABS (Totally Acurate Battle Simulator) is a game I’ve been looking forward to since maybe 2017, the game only began to be worked on in 2016 and they officially realeased early access on April 1st 2019. And I’m super pumped about it, which also make me sad that I forgot to mention it on this thread… So I’m mentioning it now.