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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I was excited for Phoenix Point…



Mmm this! i JUST LOVE main game . But i always have a huge problem with buying DLCs … they often cost more than i paid for the game but offer less and even thou i would love to get them in the end i can never justify paying so much for them.


and deep silver releases today outward:

xeon races:



I waited for the Ashes of Malmouth DLC to get a discount before getting it myself. I will rarely buy something day one too. I suggest you don’t be driven by the hype and wait for a decent discount, I know Gnuffi won’t, but a Gnuffi alt shall. :smile:

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:point_up_2: aye
and i think it goes for all games
unless you “looove” a game so much, spend a ridiculous amount of hours in it, and “musthaf” dlc day one -there isn’t really any reason to not just wait around for the next sale. Especially if you have other games that might take your time until then
And since i’m a total fanboi “i” might get xx/25$s feel of value for such dlc easily, but doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t have used that on a whole other game and gotten equal/more.
it’s rare thing where the rule doesn’t apply; “games get cheaper, soon” -all good things come to those who wait :+1:


also; 21hours hyyyyype!! :crazy_face:


-heavy breathing-


Pretty damn sure it is being released this year, and this better not be an early April Fool’s prank or I’m gonna be real angry. I doubt it of course, because…



release date:time is subjective :frowning:


Yea, but the game is already made. They’re really just working out the graphics set, so I don’t think it’ll be 2020 or 2021. Maybe November 2019 at most.


my backlog is growing


Am i the only one exited about Mortal Kombat 11 around here?


Oooooooo, Larian is back at it bois! More tactics goodness :blush:


windscape is now out!


The day has come!


Dinos and Romeo and Juliet…What could go wrong? Maybe that is where our little @yoshirules has been hiding. She’s Juliet???


The time has come!

Here’s the link to the DLC page:


do you have money ? no more
more releases


Good news is that it doesn’t cost anything to add to the WL. :slight_smile:


u know with ideas like that it’s surprising yr not an EA executive


Been looking at reviews of this, and on the wishlist it goes. Looks exactly like my kind of game, and a really nice new take on the fantasy game genre. It’s apparently a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a promising idea.