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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Requires 3rd-Party Account: Xbox Live

dafuq, hope I still have my account. since Microsoft enacted a time limit killswitch a while ago.

Halo is officially on steam!



indeed, well spoken, Sir!


sry didn’t know where to put this, thought about a thread of “silly game news” or “today in gaming stupid” :thinking: but meh :man_shrugging:

“Anthem” :grimacing:

yea, but that’s because the real trick is to not even wear any gear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

man, Anthem just keeps on giving, it’s gotta be an royal fcn sht fest by now over there
nearly rivaling Bethesda in glitches, and “i don’t know who” in embarrassing coding and oversights.
“gotta get them releases out on time!” tho :smirk:


Well, this is new. The most basic rifle is also the most powerful and now you don’t even need to dress for battle. Not bad for a looter shooter :ok_hand:


That means you should play it for the story right?..right?? Wait…


WARNING! Yahtzee is not Kid/Work Friendly!


This was in my feeds and it’s beyond Cute. More like awwwwwdorable And i don’t like TM games. I am hoping they add a casual/relaxed mode(and Linux) before it leaves EA.

Since it had dinos in it, it makes perfectly good sense that our own cute little dino, @yoshirules, reviewed it.


does this count?

wtf is up with paradox?? o.O
-they gone full Ubisoft now?


I love how I knew that the game WASN’T Epic exclusive before I even knew what the acronym stood for.

And yes, all is welcome on the hype train. Epic has stolen a lot of great games from this list, so a few from 2020 would be great to fill the gaps… the big hole in my heart that Control left…


FML… due to nostalgia of not only the first Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, but years of playing the TTRPG and LARP as well, I will be dropping $90 on a pre-order for the premium edition (Blood Moon Edition).



P.S. EXPANSION means *Garou

EDIT: *Werewolves


Whoa! @GeekInUndies Guess you’re gonna play the heck out of that! Wow! Glad you can afford to get something you really want. :smile:


yea i sorta had the same thought -but fck me if i’ll do it a year in advance:dizzy_face:. What is up with these crazy pre purchase time-frames more and more lol
but it’s definitely a game i have in mind/on the list that i “probably” want day 1, after all these years i’m just curious to see what they’ve come up with, sorta almost regardless of good/bad :blush:


Well this is…a bit odd. I thought it was a joke at first honestly.


I liked this game so much, it is so adorable and fun to play :smiley:


:thinking: hmm, so this caught my eye, wonder what that’s all about…but it got Cthulhu in its title tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Already on mine!:+1:t3:


So, you guys must’ve probably seen one animation or two of OneyNG in the animation era of Youtube, and now he decides to reveal a game that was in development for a year.

I’m curious to see how this goes, I always loved Oney and Psychicpebbles weird animations since I’m big fan of Ren n’ Stimpy. Hopefully this game will be silly as well. :rofl:


You can count out The Outer Worlds for me now. What they have done cannot be forgiven. :sleepy:

Imperator Rome…are you all that I can look forward too? Or can I get a surprise Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord release?


i love steam but epicgames have interesting coming soon games and PLAYSTATIONS EXCLUSIVES FOR PC
here the games: