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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I’m dying. First Antivaxxers now this:


Early Access (Jan. 21st) will have co-op enabled!


Um… First thought: Pokemon?
started to watch vid Pokemon?!!
get further in Companion Pokemon!!
sees battle Pokemon fully animated ^^
end of video - I need a throwing money gif


No, it’s Temtem




@Pylinaer, @delenn13 Ah Chronies, so helpful. :heart:

@Enki :wink:


I’ve been following the development of TemTem for quite a while. I’m glad it is finally coming to early access! Really think it could be successful! :slight_smile:


@onLooSe Dead Cells vibe in this one!



A break dancing crab??? :scream:


It’s going to be a good year. The likelihood of disappointments are lower than the past 5 years.

Final Fantasy 7.
Ori Will of the Wisps.
Nioh 2.
Doom Eternal.
Cyberpunk 2077.
Resident Evil 3.
The Last of us 2.
Half-life Alyx.

And those are just the ones off the top of my head. Though most of the releases seem to be around April or November. As always though, I will not pre-purchase and will wait several days until I see the reviews from trusted youtubers.


Lots of delayed games thou


Nioh 2. … Haven’t even nuzzed Sekiro and first Nioh yet. I’ll just be here, listening to you guys chat about new releases, lol.


I guess Doom Eternal, but it’s a game i won’t be able to afford. I say this because I just beat Doom, so it’s interesting to see what happens next. The game looks like an improvement of the previous game, with the dash probably from the VR game if I remember correctly, and the shotgun hookshot thingy looking like a fun combo. The increased mobility as a whole is interesting to see play out and the level design is designed that way.


Temtem Early access launches in about an hour.


£28 for early access?! They can go and f… :wink:


Holy cow… I got a 10% coupon, but I doubt I will use it…


Yeah… about that… O_O. Just no. I expected a $19.99 start price or so. Wouldn’t have gotten it now, but still.


Yeah… I was not expecting $35 for right out of the gate early access.