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It's 2019 - Time to Hype New Releases!


i think they mentioned that the demo build is like 4 builds behind the actual development (which does not make sense at all, lol; never heard such a weird excuse before), but ofc that merely sounds like marketing and damage control…




I like that video (great humor) but in this case it doesn’t apply to what I was insinuating about Anthem with 3+ weeks left before release. As a beta tester, sure, I’m used to buggy piles of garbage we generally might categorize as an Alpha build. I’m also used to semi-polished but not quite finished games that might fit in the Beta category. And then there are the pre-release demos that should be a slice of the finished game to help consumers gauge if they want to buy it.

All these names are meaningless though unless you define them because every studio and every developer has a different idea of what constitutes Alpha, Beta, or pre-release.

My MAIN POINT that you seem to have missed is that Anthem is 6 years into development and 3 weeks from full release and all public indications that I can legally point to without breaking NDAs is that Anthem is not ready. Not stable servers, not stable connectivity/networking, weird loot drop problems, sure some of this can be patched out or add more servers fairly quickly as they ramp up to launch. However, this demo and other pre-launch materials they have showcased as part of their massive ad campaign are all indications it is a no-go. Bottomline: this was Bioware and EA trying to put their best foot forward, clearly that was their intent, and it was a stumble (if not outright trip and fall).

I cannot disclose any more than that, other than to keep pointing out what has already been released.



I’m going to make an emo punk rock band and use these words as lyrics and song names if you don’t mind.


My point with the video is that demos take time and resources. It’s not “just a slice of the game”. The video itself States that the final build probably isn’t finished until really close before the release date. The development team has likely been in crunch mode for the last month.

I’m not saying the demo isn’t awful and horrendous, and bugs won’t still be there. I’m just saying this may not be representative of the released product.

Posting the video was more of a “hey, I remember watching a video that directly related to this.” than “you are wrong and this is why.”


Does it have to be Steam?

Such a pretty little world for our very own @yoshirules.

Cause it’s Yoshi :heavy_heart_exclamation:


The time has come


Oh wow congrats!!! Guess we won’t be seeing you around for while… :joy:

Have fun! :blush:



I will actually try to restrain myself until friday when a friend is coming over to play. :sweat_smile:


Much as I like to meme about KH’s plot, it’s not entirely indecipherable. You always get what you need out of it in each game, even if the main plot stretches things a bit, and at the end of the day you’re playing a weeaboo Disney fanfiction so like, whatever.


I hatechu for pointing this out to me, bought it the moment it released into EA…as if I don’t have enough games in my back log. Ah well, I am enjoying it quite well so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know what I’m watching tomorrow -


I’m mostly looking forward to:


Another game for my WL… And the list gets longer and longer. :slight_smile:


i love this thread






True. I happen to love the dumb edgy plot but I’m sure all fans can admit how stupid it is at times.


Did you watch that Kingdom Hearts video I linked above? It’s amazing and worth a watch…