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Interstellar Rift - 2/23/19 - $7


Today’s deal is Interstellar Rift!





Between Hot Pocket bites on some lazy saturday lunchtime, while wiping the grease off your mouth and trying to decide whether or not it’s worth the whole rigamarole of “getting a napkin” and “taking a second to clean your face”, do you ever stop to think about all the universes you’ve surrounded yourself with, each one frozen in time and completely dedicated to your own presence within them, waiting patiently on the shelf, or in the computer, or half hidden under some old socks and a bent up foam plate for your return?

We realize it’s a slightly more romantic view of entertainment media than you’re probably used to, but listen, we’ve read The Secret, and if that’s what it takes to view ourselves as whimsical peddlers of fantastical micro-universes, then so be it. And gather around too, because today we leave the confines of this familiar and comfortable reality for the extragalactic; a world of space travelers, warriors, and inventors, where you can do everything from mining asteroid belts to building capital ships.

That’s right, and hurry up and throw away that bright orange grease-tinged paper towel, because the rift isn’t going to be open for long, and you’ve got some serious ship-building to do, my homies. Lord knows we’d all rather be in space exploring than stuck down here reading the Secret and eating post N-word Papa Johns. (It’s the only place that delivers, we get it and we’re sorry.) Interstellar Rift is on sale for just seven bucks today. That’s not even enough for one 18 inch pie.

The official trailer for Interstellar Rift:

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Ooooh! Space survival game!


Lol at first I thought this was some fidget spinner simulator crap :sweat_smile: