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Insurgency Sandstorm - 3/18/20 - $13.49


Today’s deal is Insurgency Sandstorm!





Hey gamers! And welcome back to yet another edition of trivia, where we provide trivia on the game we’re selling for you today, at a historically low price.

Today’s game Insurgency: Sandstorm is an absolutely incredible high-fidelity team based military shooter set in a fictitious conflict somewhere in the Middle East, which people in the comments described as “if Call of Duty devs cared about realism and Arma devs cared about fun.” It’s available today from Chrono for 55% off at $13.49, but before you buy, here’s a few more facts about the game.

-The original track Sandstorm is by the Finnish DJ Darude, and is a perfect example of the late 90’s happy hardcore music that swept through the UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands at that time.

-Sandstorm went gold over TEN YEARS after its release, in March of 2010, well after its meme status was secured. To be certified Gold by the RIAA, you have to sell over 500,000 legit retail copies, which is pretty impressive for such an internet-driven instrumental song.

-In a Reddit AMA from 2016, when asked if he’d ever been in an actual sandstorm, not only was Darude quoted as saying “No, but [I have been in] a smaller one, dust devil, or whatever you want to call it…” but also “AND, I’ve got a picture from a few years back when I was landing in Arizona I believe it was, where I literally landed like a few minutes after a sandstorm blew through the airport area and you can see the edge on the pic. I tweeted something like ‘I’ve arrived’ with the pic!”

Anyway, that’s it for today’s edition of Trivia! Please buy this fun game with your friends so you can all have a good time together online! See you tomorrow!

The official trailer for Insurgency Sandstorm:

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@K3mo 3mo has a good review also:


Thanks for sharing my review! This is a fantastic game


They’ve come a long way since the Hostile Intent Half-Life mod days. No HUD, communication requirement, and every gun freaking hurts.