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Infinifactory - 3/7/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Infinifactory!




Hello again folks from PR team. Infinifactory doesn’t go on sale much, but whenever it does, a fairly persistent rumor usually rears its head again, and since that time is right about now, we wanted to take a second and nip it in the bud yet again: no, was never founded or taken over by aliens, and no, Infinifactory is not a training tool from our new overlords to teach us how to become the manufacturing arm of some vast galactic dominion. Turns out, some people just really like building stuff, and this game’s just really dang fun.

…And even if we WERE under the control of weird squid-headed mind control beasts from outer space (your words not ours), why would we bother drawing so much attention to it? Like, sure, it’s possible that if you have mind control you’re probably pretty good at covering your tracks, but that’s not really the same thing as evidence, right? And no, before you start asking why our website sounds like the name of the final boss of a JRPG about hacking that’s full of religious symbolism, it’s not because we were named by aliens. It’s because we worship an elder god by that name, and we’re all in its thrall. Totally different.

And yes, we realize that when you hear the word cult, sometimes the word alien is not far behind, but let us be clear: Who said the mind control beasts had to be from space? Chrono comes from a world of unknowable darkness in the depths of the ocean, not space, and when we scream down the small hole we have in our office that leads to his lair and ask him about aliens, he just laughs in that deep and sinister way only an elder god can, and tells us to stop screwing around and sell some more video games because only then will he ever be powerful enough to walk the Earth. Hope that clears things up.

The official trailer for Infinifactory:

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It’s pretty good. I got it from humble bundle awhile back. I didn’t progress much past the point where they wanted me to automate the soldering of a giant circuit board, big difficulty spike.


Easily one of the best problem solving games I’ve played. Its difficulty is quite high, but if it’s your kinda game, you can easily pour over a 100 hours into it.

If you’re unsure, I’d recommend watching someone play the first few levels, and see if it’s the kind of problem solving you’d like to do.


100 hours? I think you meant to say ‘1000’ hours hahaha
This game is a black hole that will consume all your time! :smile: