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Infectonator 3 - 11/13/19 - $5.99


Today’s deal is Infectonator 3!





It’s rare in a zombie movie that they actually show the ultimate source of the outbreak, because quite simply, when you’re running through an abandoned shopping mall, holding your exposed guts in your hands and trying to survive, questions like “Is this magic, religion, or science?” are too peaceful to keep in your mind. Instead, you’re probably wondering if this is one of those movies where everybody dies or one of those movies where one measly person barely makes it out, but let us be clear, the whole entire thought process changes when you’re on the zombie side.

Now, as the conscious force engineering the spread of this awful virus, life suddenly becomes a lot more like a giant game of Splatoon, except where instead of paint you use people, and instead of a big empty mall, you get…well, okay fine, they BOTH use big empty malls kind of alot…but that’s neither here nor there! And really, all we’re saying is that if you got like six bucks sitting around, growing your own zombie infestation from scratch can be pretty damn fun! And if you don’t believe us, just ask ant farmers! It’s basically the same thing!

So please, gamers, buy yourself a copy of Infectonator 3: Apocalypse. Not only does it sound like a fake violent game from a 90’s TV show, it also happens to be one of the only zombie-related games that ISN’T about blowing off decaying people’s heads with pornographically large shotguns, and to us, that’s a breath of fairly close to fresh, but still inescapably rancid air. It’s still a positive, don’t get us wrong, but when you leave that stuff kicking around inside a dead bloated body cavity for a few weeks, you’re gonna get some rot.

The official trailer for Infectonator 3: Apocalypse:

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The flash version was so much fun to play back in the day. This series left quite a mark on online browser games.

Also, the Community button is directed to the main page instead of this thread.


fixed! :slight_smile: