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Indivisible - 12/20/19 - $26.99


Today’s deal is Indivisible!





Look, we get it, you’re seeing Star Wars today. It’s the end of an era, yada yada yada, it was there for you when you were a kid, no movie is more important to you. We’re at peace with it. But we also know that it only has a runtime of 2 hours and 22 minutes, and even accounting for meals and a few trips to the bathroom, we here at Chrono feel like that’s still plenty of time to come get wild with us and the great deal we’ve got for you today on Indivisible.

First of all, it’s on sale for about the price of two movie tickets, and like we said before, even at double the runtime, 4 hours and 44 minutes, it’s gonna give you at least 3 times that in enjoyable game content, but that’s not really fair because games are basically always longer than movies, so we’ll also just say this: if you want to enjoy a beautifully-rounded story about a tomboyish girl who loses everything and tries to save the world with the mysterious new power awakened within her, Indivisible’s ending is probably going to satisfy more people than the conclusion to the biggest movie series in history.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Indivisible today if you know what’s good for ya, and honestly, before you go drafting that deliciously spicy tweet, or ranting into that webcam, take some time, let your mind be somewhere else for a little while, and keep your enjoyment of the big fun made-up world we all love healthy, no matter what you think of the movie. We didn’t write either thing, but we think Rey and Anja would agree on this.

The official trailer for Indivisible:

(this is like one of my favorite trailers its very good pls watch)

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I liked this game quite a bit! The platforming starts out kind of weak, but some of the puzzles introduced later on are pretty cool, but you mainly wanna play this game for the combat and diverse cast of characters. It FEELS like a fighting game, mostly because its dev team, Lab Zero, also made Skullgirls and is full of fighting game fans. The stunningly beautiful backgrounds, alongside the music by the legendary Secret of Mana composer, Hiroki Kikuta, makes for a really pretty package, presentation-wise.

I have to stress that it’s NOT a typical RPG, so don’t expect equipment and special skills for your characters going in, this is more of a skill-based MetroidVania where your main character gets additional powers for map traversal and combat over time, but everyone else has their unique kit and the fun comes from being able to freestyle with any of them in a party of 4 and build your own combos and team synergy.

Some characters didn’t get finished in time for 1.0, including the DLC characters which are currently being worked on now, as well as some characters missing supers, and the original difficulty of the game on launch was a bit too easy, but it has since been addressed with patches (of which there will be MANY MORE from here on, because Lab Zero LOVES fixing their games with feedback over time to make incredibly polished masterpieces).

Overall, I still think the game is absolutely worth purchasing, even when not on sale, as it’s got a pretty big chunk of content and the experience itself is pretty great! I’d give it a solid 8/10, pick this up!


I like the part platformer, part RPG gameplay. Can’t go wrong with the Skullgirls dev team.