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Imperator: Rome - 6/30/20 - $19.99


Today’s deal is Imperator: Rome!





Look dude, I’m just saying, Rome was an awesome empire and all…

Don’t you dare say it…

But aren’t they just like, Italians now?

I mean, uhh, no, they aren’t, because Italy (the country) has only been around since the late 1800’s, and Rome (the empire) fell in, at the absolute latest, the 15th century.

Yeah, I mean no duh, but like, imagine your family lived in Rome (the city not necessarily the empire) when Rome (the empire this time) fell. Then imagine you cycle through a couple generations over 400 years until someone is like “Hey you know that zone we call Italy? Let’s make it legit!” And then they keep living there until 2020.

Uh huh…

Well aren’t those Romans Italians?

What? I…guess? I don’t know what the heck your goal even is, you know? Italy is a region BUT THEN some of that region became a kingdom but ALSO some of that kingdom isn’t the part that people used to refer to as Italy. So basically your question is kind of a nonsense question that doesn’t matter.

Dude, you can’t just say my question is a nonsense question whenever you get moded!

What? What do you mean “whenever you get moded”? Name ONE other time when I did this!

Okay, what about that time when I asked you if eggs are meat because if they aren’t then how come vegetarians don’t eat them?

Uhh, the reason I said that was pointless nonsense is because it IS!

What? How dare you? If meat is flesh then what is an egg?

Bro, I am not going to get into this argument with you again. Rome is a city now, but there used to be an empire with the same name that was based mainly in an area now occupied by the country called Italy. Meat is muscle tissue, and as much as I hate it when you make me say this, egg is reproductive tissue! AKA, Not the same thing!

Man, why do you always have to make it gross?

Oh my GOD, I can’t even with you. So are you gonna buy this game or not?

The egg game? What?

No, you dummy! Imperator: Rome! It’s half-off on Chrono today! That’s why we were talking about Rome in the first place.

Oh yeah. I love Italy.

I’m gonna smack you. I’m gonna smack you and I’m gonna love it.

The official trailer for Imperator: Rome:

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I bought this full price day of release. It started out as garbage, but after a lot of updates got a lot better. I don’t play it much anymore, but if you like CK like games, it is worth checking out. I think this is the lowest is has ever officially been? :thinking:


I found your review, @Rhyagelle :


Oh my, that’s very dated by now. I should consider replaying it and adjusting the review. :sweat_smile:


Didn’t think I’d get a history lesson and a debate about eggs today.