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Immortal Redneck - 5/29/19 - $4.50


Today’s deal is Immortal Redneck!





Let’s be honest: we could write the phrase “Immortal Redneck” for you, and unless you’re some fast-googling liar or you already heard about the game, never in a million bajillion years would you ever guess that the other big phrase in the game description was “Ancient Egypt”, but here we are, and here you are, and here’s a game we’re selling for less than five bucks where you play as a…ahem…”redneck” who wakes up mummified inside a magical pyramid, and you have to shoot a bunch of stuff to get out.

Oh yeah, and do we even have to mention it, or did you already guess it was a roguelike? Because it so so is. And yes, that definitely IS weird, which we know for sure because of how many people at the office we had to promise we were talking about real game for. Which, honestly, to us, seems like a great reason to grab this puppy in the first place. It’s a FANTASTIC conversation starter. Can’t you just imagine sitting in the waiting room, explaining to a stranger that you’re actually playing something called “Immortal Redneck”? That’s PRIME icebreaker territory, right there.

So please, take a chance on us today, baby! Instead of grabbing that drive-thru breakfast on the way to work, just have leftovers instead, and you could already be on your way to pure permadeath bliss, where instead of grease and over-burnt 1$ coffee, you can be unravelling the mystery of how the redneck got in the pyramid, and what he has to do to get out, and either you’re gonna be totally into it, or you’re gonna think it’s crazy, and all WE’RE saying is, why not both?

The official trailer for Immortal Redneck:

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This is the lowest Immortal Redneck has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $4.98 on Steam.

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Oh this is sad in a way. I remember TB made a video about this game and it was one of the last videos i remember he making before passing …


Amazing Rogue-like FPS in my book. I love the game, though I still need to beat it, but let me share some notes first:

Don’t take the TB video seriously. The game has changed a lot since he did his review. He was my main source of information about new indie titles, but for other reasons you might think of. He was really bad at FPS in general, so when he said bad things about such game that he has issues with - I knew it’s amazing and I need to play it :slight_smile:

I wasn’t wrong at all for this one. Tons of replayability and plenty of entertainment here. You have a huge variety of weapons (some are hit scan and some are projectile based of course). Plenty of different enemies and room variations. Different characters with their unique starting weapons and skills.
Insanely huge perk tree that will take you plenty of time to go through and unlock.

Graphically the game is really pleasant and runs smooth even on old systems with no issues. The sound effects and music are not something to write home about, but I doubt anyone can complain about them either.

If you think Ziggurat is good you will enjoy every second of this game. I find it a bit more faster paced as well, which places it higher in my list. It’s pretty tough though, so prepare to Git Gud and have fun most of all.