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I'm going to the US for the first* time. Would you guys and gals kindly share some tips?



Thanks SO much for your tips and advice. I’ll likely need to use the public transport a few times! Don’t wanna depend on my family 100% of the time and I also like doing stuff alone.

Oh I feel stupid. Also not interested in that lmao my brother would be, he’s a Pokémon crackhead I swear.

São Paulo has world-renowned pizza places. Also, I hate pizza. Still, thanks for the suggestion! :joy:

Seafood = crustaceans and molluscs =/= :fish:

As someone who has the allergy for the vast majority of her life and almost died from it at 7, it always surprises me when people ask me if I’m allergic to fish. Fish is not seafood. Also, who’s allergic to fish anyways? LMAO


You can tell I’m ovetired, I knew that :sweat_smile: Sorry I just (incorrectly) tend to categorize everything in the sea under seafood, even though I should really separate the two. I do actually know someone (my brother in law) who is allergic (not the throat closing but violent vomiting and sickness) to fish though, so I never assume at this point.

Didn’t know that about São Paulo! That’s interesting.

There’s a lot of historical sites around the waterfront and Bulfinch triangle, so that should be interesting as well if that’s the sort of thing you’re into!


The Ferris Wheel was introduced at the Chicago Expo/World Fair. The Space Needle in Seattle debuted at the 1962 World’s Fair. Also was the site of the filming of the Elvis movie.

It’s also called The Expo…
"Generally speaking, the term World’s Fairs is essentially used in the United States.[1] World Expo or Specialised Expo are the official terms commonly used in Europe (except Spain, Italy, Romania, France), Asia, and the Middle East. In Latin languages such as Spanish, Italian or Romanian, the translation of the French word “Exposition Universelle” (Eng: universal exposition) is used to qualify World Expos (Italian: Esposizione universale / Romanian: Expoziție universală / Spanish: Exposición Universal).

The short word Expo or expo has been applied to both type of Expos in various locations, since 1967…
The 1939–40 New York World’s Fair, and those that followed, took a different approach, one less focused on technology and aimed more at cultural themes and social progress. For instance, the theme of the 1939 fair was “Building the World of Tomorrow”; at the 1964–65 New York World’s Fair, it was “Peace Through Understanding”; at the 1967 International and Universal Exposition in Montreal, it was “Man and His World”. These fairs encouraged effective intercultural communication along with sharing of technological innovation.

The 1967 International and Universal Exposition in Montreal was promoted under the name Expo 67. Event organizers retired the term world’s fair in favor of Expo. (The Montreal Expos, a former Major League Baseball team, was named for the 1967 fair.)"

I went to the one in Montreal and I brought back this and a Tee Shirt(have no clue where the Tee shirt is now)…


Had a friend in primary school who insisted he was allergic to fish. I always suspected he just didn’t like it because he/his parents never made a report of it to the school to apply for special diet options and just didn’t eat the fish whenever it was served.


You’re welcome, I love to be the spark of joyous conversations.

As you should… anyways, you could buy a pushie for him there, I heard they have one for every pokemon in existence…

Oh, I guess I’ll refrain from suggesting you to try Chicago’s deep-dish pizza if you end up going there then.

But… but… it’s food!, from the sea!!, HOW can’t that be SEAFOOD?!!
Good dammit english!!!


Mmm, best pizza in a world! Even though i didint have a chance to try one at the actual Chicago City but i’ve tried few varients in Europe and all of them were just delicious.


Within the minute?! wow slow down, you’re quite the speedster for a Sloth :upside_down_face:


When there’s a pizza in the equation i become super fast… :smiley:


No need to apologize!

Yikes! I get the throat-closing bit from seafood, so I nearly died once.

Absolutely the kind of thing I’m into! Thank you! Will see if it’s open during that time.

Oh my! Thanks so much for all the info on the world expo and that’s one heck of a cool way to display your pens! Awesome :heart_eyes:

Maybe your friend in primary school was @Vindace’s brother-in-law. :thinking:

That’s actually a really good idea. If I’m not starving and scraping coins together, I’ll defo try. Although I bet they’re expensive ): My brother’s favorite is Pumpkaboo! :blush:

Seems like it’s only 12? If this is correct I’ll defo get it haha


it surprise


My mother makes the best pizza, fite me


Do the duck boat tour! edit

The company I work for is based in Boston. I do not have much time to adventure around as much as I’d like when visiting there on business but the duck boat tour is a few hours long (2hrs? or more?) and hits a lot of historical sites. It can lead to other things you may have not thought to visit. And, of course, the tour guides are very informational and knowledgeable, loves to answer questions.

Outside of that, walking around downtown and the various squares is neat. Being winter time during your visit may put a dampening on some of the outside activities and performances that usually go on during the warmer weather.

Mike’s Pastries! Delicious pastries and decently priced located downtown. MmmMm, I always bring back a box or two when visiting.

I hope you enjoy your adventure and your time with the family! Stay warm!!!


Thanks so much!!! Definitely gonna check out if the duck tour happens that time of the year. And boy do I love pastries! Thanks!!!

Much love to you and your family (and even more love to the little one). :blush:


I wont because :
A) It will be slowest fight in the world , possibly taking until the heat death of the universe some 10 to the power of 100 years long.
B) I was referring to a type of pizza , not who makes it.


Pizza is pizza, but it doesn’t matter because you already surrendered


Reviving this to announce my flight is in 8 hour’s time and I’m actually kinda anxious haha it’s 10 hours long and I land on Boston airport at 8:10AM (GMT -05:00) tomorrow.

Wondering if they’ll have any shit Christmas movies on board and I’m still not sure which book I’m taking… thinking some Terry Pratchett cause that bastard never lets me frown.

Hope y’all are having a wholesome Christmas! :blush:


Have a good trip! Unfortunately you won’t be anywhere near me, but enjoy your holidays (and all the snow)!