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Iconoclasts - 8/12/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Iconoclasts!





Almost exactly one year ago today, we wrote a silly piece about Rip Torn, the cantankerous Texan character actor who once uttered the phrase “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball”, a phrase we remember fondly from a time before all the worldly weight we have heaped upon us now was piled on. We mentioned how even though he was a strange old brawler, equally famous for his acting and a slew of high profile bar fights, he was nevertheless the special glue that brought together a bunch of stuff we all love (Larry Sanders Show, Men In Black, God of War III).

But unfortunately, wheelchair-bound Dodgeball veteran Patches O’Houlihan probably never heard of Robin from Iconoclasts, because if he had, and he knew about the Ivory fuel One Concern were chasing, and the danger she brought into her life being an unlicensed mechanic in a scarily religious world, he never would have been able to say such derogatory things about a wrench, especially because it’s such a great mechanic to fool around with in this great retro throwback game.

In fact, let’s be honest, the real Rip Torn probably never really heard about Metroidvanias either, but, we surmised, if he had been able to play even one hour of the game, he probably would have changed the line to “If you can swing from a wrench across a bottomless chasm, you can dodge a ball”, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but at least it’s way more accurate. Last year we imagined that wherever Rip was, he was hopefully smiling and drinking, and now, a little over a month since we’ve lost this national treasure, we know he is.

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This matches the lowest Iconoclasts has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $10 on C h r o n o . g g

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I’m thinking about getting this. It looks like an amazing game.


Heard of this game before but never knew it was so very pretty! Not my kind of thing right now, but man the art is lovely and it’s look fun in you’re into genre. The characters are so interesting too! Definitely a great Let’s Play option.


For anyone on the fence regarding this game, this is the same dev who made the Noitu Love series, as well as the Zelda parody (emphasis on parody) Legend of Princess. I definitely recommend playing Legend of Princess to get an idea of how creative this game developer is (obviously it’s free for legal reasons). (See “Other Games” for Legend of Princess.)

If you want to see more of Iconoclasts itself, may I point you towards FFSTV?


Never heard of this, going check out Legend of Princess though. Sounds like a laugh and I’m a Zelda fan.


You’ll definitely laugh. The gameplay is full of Zelda tropes, and even the music is a parody!