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Iconoclasts - 5/17/19 - $10


Today’s deal is Iconoclasts!





Sometimes, and we’re not trying to say anything deeper than exactly what we mean, but sometimes, doesn’t it start to feel like older games kind of get a pass on quality sometimes? Like, maybe we only like it because it’s old and it reminds us of playing it during our childhoods, or maybe we’re giving it a pass because we like the retro IP it’s based on. Did you ever consider that? Because it did take US a while.

But now, in 2019, things are finally catching up to how good we remembered all this stuff to be back then, because a certain group of millennials who ALSO happen to be the last kids who grew up with old games like this without the internet are finally old enough to makes games in this style themselves, and games like Iconoclasts are the result. It’s like an old game made now with hindsight, and suddenly, the name “Iconoclasts” seems a little more ironic, no?

But in the end, irony aside, for you out there, this is all positives. You still get to play the legit old games on every digital platform known to man, but if you ever want a game that’s been there with you, and seen your whole childhood, and was designed to surpass it, now there’s games like Iconoclasts, too. And not only is that just an awesome thing to get to have, but we, the heroes at, the literal best website in the world, also happen to be selling it for just HALF of what people are usually asking. So dish up, get busy, and relive your childhood with HD glasses on.

The official trailer for Iconoclasts:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Iconoclasts has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $11.99 on Humble Store.

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I got this day one when it relesed on steam , I was fallowing the game for years before it relesed at some point I lost hope, it is great fun game and can’t recommended it enguf