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Iconoclasts - 1/23/19 - $12


Today’s deal is Iconoclasts!





It was the great Rip Torn who uttered those immortal words: “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball,” which has guided our generation since happier times, but even though his name is literally cause and effect, and even though Rip Torn has proven to be the special sauce that ties together a lot of our favorite things (Larry Sanders, Men In Black, God of War III), in this one case he was absolutely wrong, because he never met Robin from Iconoclasts.

No, Rip has probably never even heard of the Ivory fuel the One Concern need to power their machines, and the bravery it would take to be an unlicensed mechanic in their overly religious world. He probably has no idea that her wrench lets Robin do everything you need to make a good retro throwback game. In fact, Rip has probably never even heard of a Metroidvania, for that matter, but if he played Iconoclasts for even one hour, he might change it to “If you can swing from a wrench across a bottomless chasm, you can dodge a ball.”

Maybe he might even become a gamer, you know? It’s never too late if you’ve got the willpower, am I right? And Rip Torn is…wow! He’s 87 now, guys! I wonder what he’s been up to sinc-oh. Whoa. Alright guys, shut it down. I guess he’s been pretty…busy. Point is, buy Iconoclasts today, the guy who made it took seven years to do it, it’s his opus, it’s beautiful, it has a deep world to sink your teeth into, and we bet that wherever he is now, Rip is smilin’ (and probably drinkin’).

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cool beans, i’m still struggling with my current (installed) backlog so i’m probably not gonna pick this up yet, but seems like a real nice deal all the same :+1:


I do believe this entire game was developed by a single person, a true indie project.


I beat this game last month when it was free on PS Plus (I had activated a free trial for extra free), and I thought the game was pretty good; definitely worth that price. I disagree that the “puzzles” were intricate, though; it was mostly timed action challenges (like using a grenade to launch a platform forward) or finding which new path you unlocked in the winding map, though there were the occasional “how was I supposed to know that pushing the jump button is the only way to duck while on ice?” arbitrary riddles. I think there was only one room where it actually used things you already knew what they did in a way that made you actually stop and think about how to progress; other than that (and those annoying riddles), this game is 100% action, and when the game focuses on action, it’s pretty good.