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I have over 11,000 coins I've collected, what do I do?



Easy come, easy go.

Take a picture of your coins and show it with pride.


I hear that last part loud and clear. I also empathize.

I didn’t think there was much more to this site until I saw the banner for the end. I hadn’t a clue, not one. I’m not faulting you for your confusion and you get a Support Boost +1 from me.


Love the Scott Pilgrim reference! Such a great movie. Seen it over 20 times. :grin:


Regarding my opinion in this matter, I agree that the coin shop thing has a bad problem with these kinds of things: sometimes I would be sleeping while the games were being sold out or unaware, so I can’t blame you fully. As soon as you say there’s no point in the website without looking into their bread and butter, you’d be inevitably crapped on. I don’t blame the poor reactions others have with you.
However, I do not agree on the flagging of this post specifically as it would not really be the most elegant solution. From my POV I just see it as a bad complaint. I don’t see the user harassing someone or spamming their hatred of the website in unrelated places, rude yes but I wouldn’t flag them as ignoring would be the better option. He is just angry at the website, which is not nice yes but not worth blocking at this stage as all it does is further fuel their hatred more than they do.
Not sure if you can emphatise but this is just how I see it.


I start to view these people as pigeons. You know when someone throws some crumbs to birds and bunch of them flocks down , eating those crumbs. And some pigeons are always late to the party , not getting any of those sweet tasty crumbs.

I wonder do they go to afterwards and complain about it ?


Disappointing it is not an actual website.


It’s not a website but this exists…


Hohoho I have over 13, 000 in coins. No idea what to do with them either


@Fuzzles The game is hilarious (let’s play views only). Some off the wall games out there are really fun to watch, like Untitled Goose Game. ^^.


I know I was so confused when it was flagged I thought that was just for spam, trolling and bullying. Like if there was a thumbs down button I imagine there be a lot of thumbs down but that is different lol


This post is likely chaff in the wind at this point, but here’s my personal anecdote.
I’ve got almost all my coins from buying keys and I’ve only ever been able to buy one game. I didn’t even know people just came for the daily coins, I’ve always came for the games and maybe but probably not remember to spin the coin. The feeling of earning those coins by actually contributing over the years, but not being able to use them, that kinda sucks. It’s probably too late by this point but it would be cool if they just removed the spin and kept the coins you get when you buy keys. Oh wells I guess.


Don’t forget the dating sim


Why does this look like some hentai flash game?
(probably because it is lmfao)


It isn’t, and it’s surprisingly well-made. If you like otome games, you should check it out.


965 jours sans en manquer un et plus de 100 000 pieces tout ca pour rien :frowning:


First to complain in another language. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of those.


Now we need someone complaining in morse code.


pour rien, haha, mais ctait quoi le but? Pq tu ne les a pas utilise?


tu vois la, 1192 jours, et pourtant jai finit avec que 3,363 pieces

les pieces c a ca que ca servait, a les depenser, pas juste a les tenir, Oncle Picsou


“You reached a million points! Congratulations! YOU ARE…” lolz