I have 9000 coins that i can use for trading

So basically i have 9000 coins to trade with so i can trade a game in the coin store.
Tell me in comments what you will offer

How about 8999 coins?

Honestly though, coins are not a commodity that most people on the forums lack. If people want shop games they get them, if they for some reason can’t afford them or want duplicates they tend to make posts requesting a trade.

Offering an open-ended trade for coin shop games is unlikely to get you anywhere.


if u still got the coins, i could trade u anything from the coin shop if u could get me Earthfall cuz i already bought it once.

@cyborg1510 Meh, I bought Earthfall, it sucks, waste of coins in my opinion.

It’s not so bad, it’s an okay timekiller wt friends

yeah it looks actually fun xD but i didnt bother to buy it on steam cuz some say its bad some say its good, but if anyone could get it for me i would get u anything in the coin shop.

Compared to L4D it just has very limited content thus far and the games does not feel satisfying for me. When you win a mission it never felt like it was truely difficult or challenging to me at least.

you gotta crank that difficulty setting up and play a few missions first. L4D never appealed to me tho, so maybe am just a very different customer.

The main reason I think i hate Earthfall is because of FPS. I hardly get 40 and in swarms I get 20, sometimes even 10. It also doesn’t have any replay value and feels unsatisfying ,(also none of my friends own Earthfall :frowning:)

Lol it does have replay value, there’s all kinds of stuff hidden and then there are unlockable details about the aliens. Playing at below 30FPS is hell tho, I would wait for a better PC, even if your next upgrade is due 10 years down the road