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I am not a Monster - 1/29/19 - $7.50


Today’s deal is I am not a Monster!





The boy was chatting as he walked, focused on the honk and hoots of his gigantic animal companions instead of looking ahead at the decidedly googie-looking doorway in front of him, or the huge white glove that lay discarded in the footpath from another magical adventure. He barely even noticed as the huge key he was carrying, currently in the shape of four scoops of ice cream, three candied orange slices, and two soft serve cones, lit up and clicked as it unlocked the whimsical portal and sent him and his friends hurtling through. The mandog screamed as he fell.

He reformed in shiny hooped starwear, looking smooth-skinned and a little bit racist, like a space comic from the 1930’s. He spoke and his voice sounded like a YouTube star. “Uh, guys? Where the heck are we?” Suddenly the angry duck was instead a half-naked female crewmember of the USS Good Times with only .her helmet in the SHAPE of a cartoon duck, and the mandog slid around the corner with a deafening crash, mushing pots and pans into gnarled slivers as he rolled since his body was now robotic and heavy and metal.

The sexy duck sounded like he was screaming inside a copper bucket. “I THINK WE’RE PASSENGERS ON SOME KIND OF CRUISE SHIP! WE ARE MARRIED AND THE MANDOG IS OUR ENORMOUS ANDROID!”

At the same moment, the new android was inspecting some upsetting-looking claw marks etched into the bulkhead and dripping with slimy green “blood.” “Ummmm…Gee. I think you should get your giant key ready, child…a lizard beast walks among us…”

But the hot lady in the duck helmet let out a hiss, and when her bronze helmet opened, it wasn’t a human face, but a lizard’s face in the SHAPE of a cartoon duck! In fact, the rest of his body was getting all lizardy, too! “UH OH, GUYS,” he coughed. “I THINK I’M ONE OF THE BAD GUYS!” The space teenager whined and felt ridiculous in his giant space-themed shoes. Was this it? “I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO EAT YOU BOTH UP!”

And he tried, but then he choked to death on the mandog, and turned back into a duck, and the young boy unlocked the door again or whatever he does, and I am not a Monster is on sale today for like an eighth of the price of the key game with the mice and the anime hair.

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This is a unique addition in the social deduction genre which people in terms of Steam probably associate with Town of Salem, or Throne of Lies. This is more of a XCOM style game.

It heavily suffers from a lack of a playerbase though and I’m actually worried that could be the end of this game if the dev doesn’t figure something out different. He has given away many copies on Steamgifts and had almost a day period where it was free on Steam.

On one hand, I want people to buy it and save it, on the other I’m worried for what may be a sinking ship and not sure I can recommend a purchase.


Well I was really interested in it at first but the lack of players really made me reconsider it… I played for around 10h during the beta and it was ok and kinda fun while it lasted tho… Without any of my friends playing it was more or less another turn-based game kinda more like PVE not PVP since I was just either help every one or kill every one just for the sake of it lol…

Feels the same… but collectors would buy anything anyway so let’s hope the devs gets a good share outta it and maybe either improve it or create another game…


If my mind doesn’t play tricks on me, that game was free on Humble (or Steam?) not too long ago. I haven’t tried it yet, even though it looks really fun. Kinda like TTT, Town of Salem or Werewolf.
So if this deal helps to get more players into the game, I’ll happily play it with anyone here :slight_smile:


Looking at steamDB it’s not even a close matter. Apart from a few spikes when it’s been given away for free the playerbase has been hovering around 15. I think it looks like a pretty interesting game, but I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t have 4-5 friends with whom I’d be able to play it regularly. It’s quite a shame.