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Hypnospace Outlaw - 2/6/20 - $14.99


Today’s deal is Hypnospace Outlaw!





This might be a little deep for the ad copy that goes along with a daily sale, but do you ever think back to how computers were in the 90’s (white, 256-color, microwave-sized monitors) and wonder how the internet ever got away from us? We can’t know for sure that everyone reading this was even around for cyberspace in the mid-90’s, but when I, this young purple website, think back to those days, I remember how I used to read Tom Clancy’s absolutely terrible Net Force books and imagine I too was a netcop, out to stop cybercrime with my best buds, and now, all these years later, I finally can.

Of course, it’s not real; the internet is now in its like, 3.0 or 4.0 phase now, or maybe even further, so these cool game devs created a portal to another universe where instead of the world wide web, people use something called Hypnospace. Just like in our world, people love to do crimes in Hypnospace, and only YOU, a card-carrying member of the HYPNOSPACE PATROL DEPARTMENT (HPD), have the websites to stop them!

And what’s the deal with Tom Clancy anyway? I knew he was dead and other people write for him using his name as a brand, but when I looked it up I was SUPER surprised to see it was only in 2013??? I thought it was way earlier than that, like maybe even some time in the 90’s, but if he was alive in 1999, why was NetForce written by some dude called Steve Perry, who wasn’t even the same guy as Steve Pieczenik, who has co-creatorship on the concept with Tom himself. Is this as weird as I think it is? Does this book cover actually communicate that info effectively to the average passerby? Might be a job for the HPD.


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Are there any authorities for the BBS era? I want a game that simulates dialing to a BBS and exploring there. So much ASCII art and text to enjoy.


Why play a game simulating them when they still exist to be explored today?
Find out everything you might want to know here:


Oooooooooh… Didn’t know about that.