Humble Warhammer Bundle

I also expected Total War Warhammer to be in the top tier. Although I think it’s excluded because Humble are also running a concurrent Warhammer sale.


My 2 cents is that these are all decently good to great games, however most everyone that wants them already owns them. Which isn’t bad, it just means HB might not sell many copies. Also, DOW3 is fine, if you already enjoy that style of game - the reviews got negative brigaded into the dirt for silly reasons that don’t relate to your enjoyment of the game. Vermintide I is still amazing despite II existing, grab some friends and grind your face off. All the patches, loot updates, new maps and modes made it so much fun.

It’s your money though, buy or don’t buy. shrug


I just spotted this ‘sister’ bundle… and I must say I am deeply tempted.

Anyone want to give me reasons to save some money?? Please?


I am definitely spending a dollar for 12 hours of Horus Rising. But is $15 that much better?

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depends, if i had 15$ in my pocket i would definitely think it was much better than 1 :wink:
but as for the books can’t say, i’m just dipping the toes in the shallow end myself, just to try out