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Humble Sonic Bundle 2019




Really loved DX when I tried it and it’s in the $1 tier: Score! Thanks hon. :heart:

Btw, how long have you been Birthday Queen now? :thinking:


A pretty good bundle, although noticeably missing are the first two games and Racing Transformed.


woah… I can’t find room in my heart to be less interested in this bundle than I already am.

Lmao :joy:

Still thanks as always to Nick for doing a great service to the community by linking it here (:


Since I gave up the post in order to exercise a little bit of democracy by letting the cake-starved peasants take a turn and become Maximum Shitpost Overlord the 1st.


Have you played Adventure 2 Battle? Big improvement on the first, but you do lose the semi-open world.

The chao garden in 2 is also better, and let’s be real that’s the most important part.

I almost never notice when people’s titles get changed. Always a fun surprise when someone points it out.


Thanks, @NICK9X9. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Nope!! It was well someone presented Sonic DX for a giveaway that I tried the demo - first time ever playing Sonic. I didn’t own consoles and such as a kid. I found it really fun and love Tails. ^^


I was talking about Adventure 2 Battle with my boyfriend the other day so when I saw this bundle I grabbed tier 1 cause I have the itch to take a journey back to my childhood now lol


We should have a Chrono Chao competition for those of us with the game.