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A few bundles with this game atm.


I own it but never played it. Thoughts?


Yea, I saw it when it went live and instantly agonized. I own a ton of the DLC but it has some I don’t that’s scattered through it. The agony! :joy:


To anyone that doesn’t have the base game, it is there for $1. How can you not at least get the base game for $1? (Including the 5 DLC).

I have the game and recommend it. It’s learning curve is difficult with a lot of mechanics you have to figure out. But just cheat with infinite gold until you learn how everything works.:muscle:


Agreed. For $1 it is a steal. For $1 and tons of DLC, which adds arguable intense content (believe me, DLC adds a ton of stuff), its a huge robbery at $1.

Now the $15 tier? Let’s just say I paid WAY more than that for most of what’s in this package even when they were on Paradox massive sales (which is the only time I buy them). I’m just missing a 2-3 in there. If you ever wanted to get into CK2, now is the perfect time. If you only have $1 to spend or if you have $15, get it. Either way you’re walking away with a deal! :slight_smile: