Humble Choice for November 2020-What Are You Choosing and Why?



That’s the thing. I didint pause, i’ve cancelled . So no coupon for me i guess :frowning:

Am a lost cause in Humble’s eyes.


Well, at least you just spare yourself from trouble of having to pause each month or worried about being charged for a month that you don’t want :wink:

P.S. I’m not sure, but you may be eligible for the new sub discount?


Also no :smiley: I guess i’ll have to live without Hitman 2.




Can we actually check what is coming to the new choice?


i don’t think so, not without “leaks”, but unlike monthly we also don’t really need to,
since choice games get revealed at the beginning of the month, but you first get billed at the end, thus have plenty of time to decide whether you want them or not, unlike before


Ahah, Humble finally caved in ! They offered me a coupon for one month of Premium Sub just for 10.35 eur , on the last day of this monthly :smiley: So i only have today to decide if i want to go for a month of Premium.

Anyway , just to be sure , if i get this month for 10.35eu i will not be locked in into paying them for the remaining months?

Well i’m pretty sure that i wont and i can instantly pause after claiming my loot but maybe there is some hidden rules of using this particular discount.

Another question i have is how long do i have to make my picks? Do i need to pick stuff until new monthly comes or i’m not limited by any time line.


You shouldn’t be locked into any further purchases unless that is outright stated. You can wait to pick as long as you want to, within some reason. There’s no time limits stated and some of us have “tempted fate” by leaving things unpicked for a month or two and have not been barred from making the pick at a later date but no idea how long you can wait though.


Unused choices do not expire, nor are they automatically redeemed by our system! You can choose to use your choices at any time and they won’t expire when the month ends or in the future.

For the coupon, you can read its terms on the coupon page


If I were you I wouldn’t wait indefinitely because who knows what kind of deal they made with the respective publishers of those games. A month or two will be fine, a year or two maybe not. You may well find you lose all kind of choice.


Yeah that’s what they SAY, but humble does not have a flawless record of telling the truth. I would not trust humble to keep a stock of keys for all games they ever offer for the monthly in perpetuity. Which is why I said “within reason”, 6 months a year is probably fine. 10-20 years? I would not count on it.


Thanks everyone for your input . I was asking about picking games just because today is the last day to choose them and i’m only in for 1 game , rest will go for trades,gifts and giveaways so im not sure what i will pick.

Anyway, i’ve read terms and conditions for this particular coupon and this part for me is a bit unclear " This price is locked in for three months, and this offer will be void if your subscription is canceled or paused" . If i choose to pay month by month, apply this coupon , get charged 10.35eur ,get my goodies and then pause or cancel my subscription how can it be locked for 3 months or get void? I guess it’s some sort of gap in my English but it doesnt make much sense for me.


Well since it says it can be canceled or paused you should be able to pause or cancel it. They are saying that should you pause after one month and then resume the 3rd month the offer will e voided and you will be charged full price. You only get 3 months for that price if you keep the subscription live for those 3 months, not 3 months total whenever you feel like picking a bundle up.

At least that’s what I gather from what you’ve written here.


if this means you will be getting hitman 2 then :crazy_face: good for u :laughing:

I can’t wait to play it myself, but i have to get through Rage 2 and Ass Creed Odyssey first (which i both started and played like a year ago :roll_eyes:), not just cuz i need to finish them, but i actually dont have enough space to install hitman 2 :confounded:


Well your explanation makes sense. I though this coupon only applies for one single month whatever you do afterwards .Thanks!

Haha,it seems so! Cant wait,though same as you i’ll have to finish few other games first.


Well don’t delay, act now, the time is running out.

Allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive
And if you follow, there may be a tomorrow
But if the offer’s shunned
You might as well be walking on the sun


I see what you did there and I love you for it. pets Frags ^^


Single use coupon. Coupon redeemable for $3.00 off when you unpause your Humble Choice Classic subscription. Coupon expires April 30 at 11:59pm PT

That’s my Humble email. I got refunded for April… but this say I have to use this in April, so um… does that mean I need to get April for the coupon use? ???

I mean, May’s Choice month is for the 3rd right? Lil confused. O_o


Same here, still haven’t got the monthly yet, but most probably will do so today or tomorrow :yum:


Yes, I’m pretty sure the coupon will only be valid within this month :wink: