Humble Choice for November 2020-What Are You Choosing and Why?



Still waiting for the Baldur’s Gate Franchise Bundle in 2020 :smirk:


My guess is that it’s not gonna happen for any foreseeable future. Sekiro never goes down on sales lower than 33%% OFF ( that’s around 40 $ or Euros ) so from that alone you can guess that they have no intention of giving this game away basically ‘for free’ .

I wish they would though. I’m dieing to get my hands on it but 40 eu is a bit too steep for me.


I paused this month, then got an email offering Choice for $6 (about £4.55). So I unpaused. I’ve given away the key for the best game from the bundle as I already owned it. You’re welcome, D! :wink:


I think I am going to try that and see what they send me. I want the Sunless bundle…

And thank you so much for the key. I will be adding it to my Giveaway list. :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:
If Humble comes through with a decent discount.


Any idea how that works if u paid for a full year? I can’t seem to find info on what happens if I want to take them up on their offer.


I asked support and they said unfortunately those will not be able to utilize this offer in this case :joy:


Well I’m not surprised, maybe a little bit disappointed. Thanks for asking though! at least we know now. :smiley:



Crying suns and Darksburg looks interesting also @delenn13 I think you have Townsmen in your WL


Finally after 3 months a great bundle :slight_smile: Like it.


A very nice bundle this time :smiley:


Kiwami 2 is nice. Little Miss Fortune is good (according to hearsay). Looking at the others in confusion mostly.


aaanyone finding it slightly “puzzling” that for the 4th month in a row Humble has had this “limited” offer of getting all 12games if you sub ? :thinking:
me wonders if the price change/bundle quality has made them not reach the numbers they wanted yet, and they really wants to try sucker people in with 2 extra games ? :smile:


Yea… I think they shot themselves in the foot with that decision. Probably regretting it now…


Hey Delenn, can you change the month in the post title? :3


Another pass for me, as I only wanted Darkwood :pensive:


Thank you so much Riouz :star_struck:


There is a deal for an annual plan on choice for 99$.
Does anyone know if you can activate it while your still subscribed to an annual plan during the last months?
I’m just throwing it out there, because I can’t seem to find any info on the humble FAQ.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Have a nice day!