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How to do Steam Remote Play Quest


For anyone having trouble with Remote Play Steam quest, please follow instructions in the link.

NOTE: You must be in the game screen to invite a friend. After testing with Dana, you do not to play a game and your friend only needs to accept invite.


Yup. It was easier than I thought, but I so did it wrong at first, lol.

If anyone is up for a Group Voice chat, please let me know. purr That’s my last quest. Cheers.


i believe you are in the boardgame group? you can just press add voice channel (to the left) and you will get it done


Yes, Frags helped me out and it worked, but the bottom tasks thngies - the daily stuff, the lock is still there. Herm.


not entirely sure what you mean by that, like, you have a current list with tasks with names etc
and the one below with a "lock"icon is the new stuff that comes, but it wont be activated until 19CET/10am PST


Yup 'tomorrow" is where the confusion came, eheh. Thanks, Gnuffi pets gnome :heart:


I gave up…Probably have about 6 that I haven’t done…:star_struck:


Aw… If you want a head, just ping, okay? :heart: