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How Did You First Hear About Chrono?


Oddly enough, I learned about this site just a little bit ago, when looking at the connection options for, which includes a connection for I have no idea what connecting the two actually do, but I have done so. I guess I’ll find out eventually. In the meantime, I guess I can get some games. :smiley:


Same here. GDQ is the only thing I truly look forward to every year. Advertising there probably made Chrono the company it is today.


I believe it was Steamgifts, their discussion always full with update news from members.


I saw it in CheapShark, with its single entry down, at the bottom. It was a really good deal, though for a title I was not interested in (I can’t remember which one though), so I kept checking back.




I think it was in a TB’s video, but I’m not sure. Then reddit.


Also from TB


Totalbiscuit. I started checking via his link nearly everyday since he announced his partnership. I’ve gotten a couple of games and now play the meta-game of coin hoarding. (On my way toward a 3rd legendary streak)


TotalBiscuit. I think I found out through his Steam Curator page, which I follow.


Totalbiscuit as well, been visiting the site on and off since then, now I visit daily since the introduction of coins :slight_smile:


a Steam group from admin ;


Same, I am happy that I actually listened to one of the promotions this time.


I discovered this awesome site by the deal you made of Lastfight. Indeed, this game come from a French comic called Lastman, and it kick asses, it’s an awesome comic. By the way, they even made a animated serie of Lastman that will come in English in some time :wink: I advise you all to watch it since it’s so great!


I heard about it through Total Biscuit’s promotion of the site.I liked the idea so I checked it. And i do not regret it.


Like many other people here it was TotalBiscuit’s promotion of the site and I kept an eye on it from time to time. I believe his first video was about a year or so ago. It wasn’t until his second video about the coins I finally decided to join up. :slight_smile:


I first heard about ChronoGG from Caddicarus, but I quickly forgot about it. I only decided to check it out after TotalBiscuit praised it in one of his videos.




I think I register after a GDQ thing, I’m not sure. But I came back when TB mentioned it I think… God my memory is bad.


Chronicon Discussion Board, a topic talking about ZiggyD’s video featuring Chronicon and promo on the game.


I was reading messages on SteamGifts Discord server and someody simply wrote “” to remind others to get their coins. He did this everyday so eventually I checked on google what was. And here I am ! :smiley: