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How did you find out about


I discovered through a youtube channel (of an Indian guy) - Low budget gaming.

Hes great! Making announcments about free games.

I just became a collector of free games. So since 2017 I obtained over 200 games for free on Humble bundle &Steam (over 100 games), EPIC(25), GOG(22), Origin(8), Uplay(8 great games) Gamesessions(3), Discord(1), - Destiny 2, that will be Free to play soon), Bethesda launcher (1)
And this community helped me to get next some few games from coin shop and successfully traded some Wanted games for those I wont.


It was TotalBiscuit


A hooded figure came to me in my dreams


who’s this harith guy? name sure sounds familiar


Now thats a blast from the past. Wonder how he’s doing?




Reddit. And I still don’t have an account there :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I was looking up the definition of Chrono, but I’m used to being able to just put a word in Google and seeing the definition right away. I saw and knew it was a gaming thing so I checked it out.


And there’s an even older thread about it


I think through TotalBiscuit because i cant really remember and cant think of another way i could have found it.


I found out about this lovely site with all you amazing people through OhHeyItsDavid on Twitch. Usually I just join a site try it out for a bit then forget about it until I hear it mentioned somewhere, but not Chrono. Y’all are stuck with me, even if I mainly lurk. :stuck_out_tongue:


Total Biscuit RIP brought me here. I’ve met some really nice people, kind and generous people too because of Chrono. That’s both via games I got from the coin store and in this forum. Cheers TB and cheers guys.


I honestly can’t remember…ouch where did this lump on my head come from?


What’s this thing?
How come everyone here seems to know about it?


Not much typing here (my trade mark) - SAME!


Caddicarus had mentioned it as a sponsor for him a few times. I decided I’d check it out and now whenever I make a purchase I make sure that a part of it goes to him.


Games Done Quick. This was my very first community I joined and it has been pretty great. Thank you for making my time here awesome! :grin:


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Philip DeFranco. sounded like a good place to get free games then, and so I joined (yes, I am, indeed, a gold digger). I went about collecting coins and seeing how the system worked, as any new Chronie would do.

A few months later, I discovered this awesome community and thought “Hey, might as well see what this is all about.” and joined the forums.

Another few months go by, and I’m loving it! Thanks to all of you for making this community awesome.


Found it through Steamgifts discussion. Also, I read about the coin shop and wanted to check it out.