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How can i be sane/regular again?XD [SOLVED] (Thanks to CptMold)


Dear Gnuffis, this one over here earned the honor to become a gnome on April 4… Unfortunatly, had to join the rainbow eternal war 10 days later ( literally joined the army )
Now are my final days as a soldier, 7 months and 9 days in duty ( instead of 6 XD, corrupted g0v3rn//\3nT ) i am trying to restore my life back. Chrono is one of my objectives: How can i get the “Regular” title that i lost as i don’t seem to remember how to be a “lvl 3 trusted gnuffi”

I got my Anniversary badge! One year with all of you awesome people =D

Read posts, log into the forum, make a certain number of posts, give likes, get likes. Those are the big prerequisites. It checks your statistics over the last 100 days.

Assuming Chrono didn’t change the numbers a bit…


How unfortunate for you. Soldier, report for duty! A new war has begun.

Welcome back @MCharbel :laughing:



you just blatantly release proprietary trade secrets like such?, the audacity :open_mouth: :exploding_head: :triumph:


godspeed on your conquest for “Regular” @MCharbel :+1:


Huh, so that’s the requirements. I kind of appreciate the having to give out and receive likes. If this forum had less great people it could be much harder to get regular status.