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Hover - 7/18/20 - $5.99


I can sell cards. I got a lot of gaming time by selling cards. I wouldn’t be able to afford it without them. Chrono doesn’t have any options to effectively lower the price, making Steam be theoretically the same in pricing, but cheaper in effect


euh, ok, don’t get me wrong, you’re talking to a guy here who has made probably about $3,000 (and i’m being very conservative with this guess) on the steam market with an initial $20 investment (over 7 years, by putting in real time and effort, every single day; it’s not rly worth it, or maybe it is, i quit, but i’m torn over that decision :joy:)


but you’re not going to be able to consistently play games by selling cards. you can possibly buy a game now and then, yes, but then the thing is that unless you keep buying games with $, you’re not going to be able to keep buying games from cards sold, at all.

so honestly, your argument seems invalid to me, not that what you say is not true in essence (you can buy a [very cheap] game now and then if you buy enough games with $ and sell the cards you got from those), but there’s no sustainability in it at all.

so if you want to be able to buy games in a sustainable fashion, steam won’t be cheaper.

and then there’s the fact that Chrono gives u steam keys regardless, so you’ll end up getting the same steam trading cards to sell regardless, resulting in the same ability to buy a very cheap game on steam now and then as well.


We got kinda offtopic, shall we move the discussion somewhere? Where, if so?