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Hover - 7/18/20 - $5.99


Today’s deal is Hover!




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Coin shop gone and now you can’t even compete on price anymore? What’s the point of chrono now?


And what is the point of you whining here?


not only do they come just to wine, but they don’t even get their facts straight:



Chrono is frikkin 14% cheaper than that other deal ($1 cheaper on a $7 dollar price) so wtf

that’s not competing; that’s blowing the competition out of the water (14% is a huge price difference)


I don’t know why you’re not getting as good a discount as others on gamersgate, but just in the interest of having our facts straight.
Though I see it in SEK because gamersgate wont show me anything else, it is still the 74% discount and ITAD backs this up as well.


I wonder if this is a matter of developer/publisher agreeing to a discount deal earlier in the year, versus agreeing to a larger discount deal much later into the year? I’m guessing’s secured deals happened a lot earlier, and doesn’t know what the competition will secure later.


Of course all deals are made ahead of time to one degree or another. We have no idea at which point chrono or GsG made their deal in relation to each other. What we can see however that GsG had an even better price happen at several points last year, thanks to the history kept by ITAD.

This might not even be the case of GsG and the devs having reached a better deal but GsG deciding to lower the price further on their own either making no profit or even taking a loss on certain titles, just in order to get these ITAD records.

Either way it doesn’t matter an awful lot, complaining that one store doesn’t match the price of another is rather pointless on the whole. I know Chrono tends to keep an eye on ITAD as well so I’m pretty sure they were well aware they wouldn’t get a record breaking deal here and they’ve also not claimed to offer one. So there’s exists nothing to complain about.


Well, I don’t know either dude. That’s rly weird. Maybe it’s cuz i dont have an account there? I’ve never even heard of that website before. Or maybe it’s a weird currency conversion thing? Though I wouldn’t think so cuz it’s giving me the price straight up in dollars.


When I use the above link, it gives me a 65% discount and a PLN price, while moving from gives me this

Confusing as hell

Edit: The difference seems to be vs I’m not sure why the UK version of the same page is cheaper, but it’s not my problem


not to mention we now also have 3 different totals for blue coins (whatever those are), 7,000; 6,000; and 4,930


I. Own. It. How? O_O


Ooh I can actually answer that, been using GamersGate for a few years now. It’s a really solid site imo. :smiley:

The blue coins are pretty much just a straight conversion to what the USD cost of the game is.
So 3,93 GBP = 4,93 USD ergo 4930 coins, etc.
The coins you get from buying stuff on the site, reviewing or rating games and stuff like that. Have occasionally been able to buy a small indie title after buying something big on the site with just the blue coins.

I had no idea their prices varied so much between regions though, dang. :open_mouth:


The games price is displayed in your local currency. If you live outside the us then the price may seem higher but once you convert 5.99 usd to your currency you will find it lower. I did actually check the price in usd by accessing the page with a proxy and it was 5.25 usd.
As for my “whining” chrono was great once and I miss it the way it used to be. Now there is nothing special about it anymore. I would’ve said the community was worth staying for, but clearly someone critical of what chrono has become isn’t welcome here. Goodbye.


I believe it was in the coin shop at one point





I live in Egypt. The price is displayed in dollars, not in local currency. And the price displayed is $7, which no matter what you do to it will never result in less than $6. I understand that is not the case for all the others who have contributed to the subject.

all anyone here asked is what the point of complaining just for the sake of complaining was, which is quite a valid point. Surely you understand that’s also not what would make a community great.

when other regulars realized my criticism regarding what you said in relation to the price was specific to me and not to others (including you), they immediately jumped in to show that what you were saying regarding the price was correct. In other words, they defended what you were saying regarding the price (and showed me, another regular, that though my experience differed from yours, yours was nonetheless authentic). You could hardly say that that is the characteristic of an unwelcoming community.

the community is definitely worth staying for, but ofc if your only experience here is saying that this place sucks and goodbye, then how would you ever find out?

so chrono give you free stuff: it’s great
chrono don’t give you free stuff: nothing special about it

and in case you’re going to argue they were great cuz of the deals, they still are; it’s not cuz now and then they’re not the absolute cheapest on that day that they don’t have great deals all the time regardless


Obviously it’s just my opinion, and I’m biased as Poland is a rather poor country, but Chrono’s deals aren’t great. Very often it’s just “the traditional sale price of the game” which is okay, but I can buy games on Steam using Steam Credit (which makes gaming notably cheaper, really) or I can buy bundles on Humble or Fanatical, which is one game for 0,5$ in average very often. I don’t remember one time I felt enticed to buy a deal here. Maybe they were better before I started going here, dunno. The community’s great, but it’s not and never was advertised (maybe for the better, it’s good cause it’s rather small)


okay, but you shouldn’t compare apples and oranges honestly. Of course a game deal can’t compete with diminished regional pricing and bundles. That’s also not what we’re talking about (and that’s also not Chrono’s goal, obviously).

Whether the deals are great or not should be determined by the game price by itself. Like you said, often it will be the price the game regularly gets discounted for, but we’ve also seen bigger discounts on chrono as well, often even the lowest they’ve ever been (not including grey market either obviously).


Poland doesn’t have regional prices mostly. A game that costs 10$ will cost ~10$ in PLN on Steam. So the price on Chrono and Steam is around the same as a result. Not sure why, Poland is noticeably poorer, but it happens. About your second argument, it’s partially true, but it does happen rarely - and it seems it never happens in a game I’m interested in (obviously purely subjective opinion)


Then I don’t understand your point of gaming being cheaper through Steam credit. Doesn’t steam credit cost the same amount of $ as what you’d spend in another store regardless?