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Hover - 3/28/19 - $6.80


Today’s deal is Hover!





Follow us here, okay? In a world…where fun is against the law…and the Great Admin rules over Hover City with an iron fist…only a group of multicultural freerunning experts called the Gamers stands in their way…Okay, look, we realize it’s kinda beating you over the head with the message, but what the heck is wrong with that every once in a while?

Wouldn’t you love it if all your shitty friends just said what they meant for once instead of leaving you on “read” for three days? Wouldn’t it be tight if your neighbor finally just admitted he hated you instead of having to wonder about it for ten years? Wouldn’t you like to smack the head of the guy in front of you who had the GALL to recline his seat on an economy flight? And besides, did you really think the dystopian freerunning game’s defining feature would be subtlety, anyway?

So please, take it from us, and pick up Hover today for less than seven bucks a pop! Not only is it fun, it’s open world, and your friends can drop in and drop out to parkour and fight the power alongside you to their heart’s content! Normally, we wouldn’t be so forward about it, but in the spirit of today, screw it. You SHOULD buy the game. That’s what we really think. You’re welcome.

The official trailer for Hover:

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@Ernin8t0r, I have to say, this probably won’t be a very successful sale day for Hover.

Fanatical just pushed out a bundle that had this in the second tier for $5.

In this need-to-share-best-deals age at Chrono, I feel obligated to throw that in there. (Sorry if I am out of line.)


quick deploy the backup deal decoys! :robot:


is a cyberpunk sunset overdrive ?


This game looks super well put together. Wonder why it didn’t get more attention…