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Homeworld Remastered Collection - 11/17/19 - $5


Today’s deal is Homeworld Remastered Collection!





Yo, are you seriously playing that game Homeworld right now?

Well, I mean, ACTUALLY, it’s the Homeworld COLLECTION, and I’m playing an HD version of Homeworld 2.

Oh, god, even worse…

What, why?

Oh, nothing. I just feel like if you’re down to play a game like that where you control an entire fleet at once, it probably says something about your personality.

What does it say, “I love spaceships?” Because I do, jerk. Now let me have my fun and you go do something else…

Oh come on, chief! You kidding me? Okay, okay, okay…here, here, here. Look: if I was playing a game where out of nowhere you start like, pouring poison on crops, wouldn’t that be a weird thing to see me doing for fun?

I guess? But what the hell kind of example is that? Everybody knows Homeworld! It’s a classic! And why would they make a game about pouring poison on crops? What the hell even is that, man?

(sigh) Yeah, okay, whatever! So it sounds dumb, so what? Why do my made up example games have to actually be good ideas? Who are you, Don Draper?

Oh, calm down, Alex. It’s just Homeworld.

Yeah, okay, fine. Whatever.

The official trailer for Homeworld Remastered Collection:

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a pretty excellent collection of timeless classics, modernised for modern computers.

Something to be aware of: during my playthrough of the game, I sadly had run into some occasional but really obnoxius performance / framedrops, especially during later missions. I cannot tell for sure if this was an issue caused on my end or on the games end so YMMV.

Just a possible FYI for all intent and purposes


I’m glad they preserved the originals as an option to play too.


I actually have a reasonable informative video for Homeworld. Mostly because it’s one of my favorite games of all time.


An amazing game and remaster, if anyone is debating it for this price you can’t go wrong


Highly recommended. I feel like they made some big mistakes in the remaster such as flattening the tech trees, but as already mentioned, the originals are here so it’s still a steal for the price.