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Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! - 6/12/19 - $8.99


Today’s deal is Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!!





Alright dude, listen. This is going to make me sound delusional, but I’m your friend. I care about you, so heed what I say next very carefully. Be careful what you say in the kitchen, man. Because look, the closer you are to the pantry, the closer you are to those potatoes you bought at the grocery store a few days back, and even though you might not realize it, the answer is right in front of you. They’re listening, my dude, and you know how I know? Because they’ve got EARS everywhere…

And I don’t really have any HARD EVIDENCE per se, but I think the potatoes…are up to something, man. Like, sometimes I’ll go in there for one, thinking I’m gonna mash it up, or fry it with some peppers, and I’ll look at them and think to myself “Hmm…there’s like 5 more potatoes here than I ever bought”. It’s like they’re…recruiting more somehow, or splicing themselves like amoebas or something. It’s wild. And I’ve definitely eaten way less potato starch than I’ve been trying to, which might be their plan all along…

And I can’t stop thinking about it, either. I think it’s starting to mess me up, screw with my head a little bit, you know? Like, the other day I looked in there and I swear just as the door was opening I saw a potato dressed like Spike from Cowboy Bebop jump behind some baking soda, but when I lifted it up to check, he was gone. And another time I’m pretty sure potato Austin Powers was getting busy with a sexy-looking avocado I had out ripening on the counter, but when I rubbed my eyes, it was just there alone again, spinning. Anyway, you know, it’s probably nothing and I just need to get my head checked, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…they might just be the perfect spies because they’re exactly what you wouldn’t expect…

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If this is anything like all the other Holy Potatoes games, STAY THE FUCK AWAY. The most boring “game” with nice graphics there is on Steam.