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Heroes of Hammerwatch - 9/17/19 - $6.49/$3.99/$2.99


Today’s deal is Heroes of Hammerwatch!




To whom it may concern at,

Hi there, I’m the mother of a child you may know (Walter, apparently he has an account on here), and I’m just writing to let you know I don’t appreciate the messaging you have on your website, as it’s corrupting young Walter’s mind. Let me explain what I mean. I’m a good hard-working lady who does the best she can, and it breaks my heart to come home and find my nineteen-year-old son rifling through my bedroom while he thought I was away at work.

He swears up and down that he was actually looking for money to steal so he could buy some weeds or something, I don’t know what he does with those horticulture kids he hangs out with down at the Circle K, but then as I was gathering up all his laundry to do a load this Tuesday morning, I happened to look up at the TV attached to his computer, and I saw some text indicating you apparently think it’s heroic to grab somebody’s mother’s watch out of a drawer in her bedroom and hit it with a hammer. It was written right there on screen, and I’m upset that I had to see it.

However, I realize that I can’t control what you do to run your company, and there’s nothing I’d rather avoid than regulating big business, so instead I’m just going to ask that you don’t let Walter back on to your website, and that you should issue a warning when people log in that asks people to go get their parents before proceeding. Lord knows that if I hadn’t acted faster, I would have lost one of my family’s priceless wristwatches, and my son never would have been able to go out and weed with his friends because I would have grounded him until my dying day.

Spread Love,
Barbie Jo Johnson

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Please spare a thought on this one, brothers and sisters.


Chrono, why didn’t you put this nice looking multiplayer game in a multiple copy bundle option?
I’m disappointed I cant get multiple copies at a discount.


I bought the game here a while ago (it was $1 only - Heroes of Hammerwatch - 4/1/19 - $1/$6.99/$7.99), and played over two hundred hours of it.

It’s a nice oldschool twin-stick shooter with many roguelite elements, very challenging and unforgiving, with simple combat, limited number of skills and lots of deadly traps.

The best part of it is its progression: it has lots of grinding included if you want to spend tons of hours, having “infinite” scaling on NG+, character leveling and stuff like that. There’s always something to go for and improve your odds a little, the replayability never ends.

If you just want to spend a few hours and finish it, it’s fine as well, it’s a great roguelite experience even without the heavy focus of the permanent progression.

Oh, on top of that: online co-op with unlimited players (by default is 4, you can easily remove the limit). It’s great in co-op, and has a nice mechanic where one player can ress the other once and they become soul-linked, meaning if one dies, the other dies as well.

I actually bought 2 copies of the game at the last sale, and proceeded to record the first hours of co-op play with a friend if anyone is interested: - we were still very newbie of course, and my friend died most of the time ending the runs too soon.

I probably won’t get back to it for a while, but it certainly can still give lots and lots of hours of fun to me. I’m a little disappointed by the current discount compared to what it got the last time, if it was only $1 I’d buy maybe more 5 copies for friends to lure them into playing with me.


The only DLC I don’t have…No discount :roll_eyes::open_mouth::thinking:


Quick heads up, the newsletter mentions RE7’s deal. I can’t pinpoint where it is in the message itself. I can only see it in’s preview. I think it’s in the text only message if the HTML doesn’t load? However going into the message, it clearly says Heroes of Hammerwatch as expected.

It’s the part where it says “Hey [Username]!..”