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Hello Neighbor - 8/26/19 - $14.99


Today’s deal is Hello Neighbor!





Oh my god honey, look!


Mr. Peterson’s home again!

Ugh, I HATE that guy!

What? You hate Mr. Peterson? But why? Remember when we all used to hang out, and-

Yeah yeah yeah, but that was like three years ago, Abner! Now, I mean…well, have you heard what the kids on this street say about the guy?

What, that he’s mean? Well I think that’s just because kids aren’t allowed to kick back and have a beer with the guy, you know? If they could just-

Abner, they said they heard a sound, and then they saw Mr. Peterson LOCKING SOMEONE IN HIS BASEMENT!





Ok…but like, you know, is there any evidence?

Not exactly, but…look, do you remember that one kid down the way?

The with the glass eye that popped out when he hit that rear view mirror on his trike?

Huh? Who the-NO! That curious kid up the street who always tried to sneak into our garage and take sodas.

OH. Yeah, that kid. What a handful.

Well, you better watch what you say, because I heard he went in that house one night and never came back out.

What? You mean like Mr. Peterson kidnapped him?

I don’t know what I mean, but it’s definitely not “I like and trust Mr. Peterson.”

But honey…if that’s true, like…

What? You gonna go over there and try to stop him? Cause I’m not gonna be the next one to get locked up in there…who knows what he’s even up to?

God, why do you always tell the most effed up stuff? Now I’m like, afraid to go outside! This guy’s been our neighbor for what, a decade? And now all of a sudden he’s a kidnapper?

That’s what I think, yeah. But hey! I don’t make the rules! I just report the news, you feel me?

Yeah, I feel you…

Now come on, these toes aren’t gonna massage themselves…

sigh…Yes, Gladys dear….

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just a heads-up, you can try a demo for free on mobile if you don’t feel like leaving the couch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very unpolished and buggy game. Would not recommend for more than $5 because you won’t get much enjoyment out of it after the first 5-10 minutes.


Would I explore a reported haunted house with a friend and a large dog? Yes. HECK, yes!

Would I sneak into an occupied house where an allegedly violent person lives? No. Just no. HELL NAH!


I can’t help, but feel like we’re the bad guys here for invading a home. I mean, if we did nothing, would anything bad happen to the neighborhood as a whole? If yes, then toss a molotov cocktail into the house and call it quits.

Edit: OOH OOH THERE SHOULD BE DLC WHERE WE PLAY AS THE NEIGHBOR DEFENDING HIS HOME FROM INVADERS! It’ll be like FPS Home Alone with RTS/“pseudo Tower Defense” elements to set traps!