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Hello! I have a question on streaks.


What are the ammounts of coins you get for each chest? I am close to the epic chest and want to know how many coins I will get from it. All help is appreciated!


streakers get arrested

srsly though; i know u can find detailed info somewhere on the forum [like in the following post], but u can expect 800-900 coins i think, say about 850 or so


I posted about this before, hope this helps you. (It looks cleaner if you click on it)




I’ve gotten few at 950+ but never over 60 so far and few 830+ something. It will be really wild guess me saying it can go to 999 with my luck so far. I can go with 800 to 960 range.

Edit: @eliaviaene has 961 so … it might be actually 800-999 range :smiley:


streakers get arrested



This was my highest 14 day chest:

This was my most recent 30 day chest:

You win some, you lose some.

At the end of the day, you get free games from, so I got nothing to complain about.

:rofl:, Just realized they were exactly a year apart!!!


3-day: 100-200
7-day: 300-400
14-day: 800-1000
30-day: 2000-2500


Thank you everyone! The problem’s been solved.


so you are telling me that i could have gotten 500 more coins from my last legendary chest but i just got the base ammount??!?!?!
rigged :triumph:


My highest 30-Day

And the 14-Day was…


My High Score :joy:


Wow, you have maxed out the charts. :slight_smile:


Hooray… First not bad charts to max out :joy: