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Hazardous Space - 9/19/19 - $1.99


Today’s deal is Hazardous Space!





Message from the space station Wanderer sir.

On screen.

Hmm…okay. Yes that does seem a little off, doesn’t it?


You don’t think it’s that weird zombie virus, do you?

Umm, permission to speak freely, sir?


I think it’s abso-effin-LUTELY that weird zombie virus, sir.

Thanks for your candor, soldier. If it’s zombies, we need a guy who’s done something like this before. Pull all records and find us a complete badass, son.

Way ahead of you, sir. Top of the list is an ex-space marine called…

Called what, soldier?

Uhhh, apparently his ACTUAL name is Max Carnage…?

What? Like Maximillian Carnage?

Y-yessir, but the record shows he goes by Max. Max Carnage. That’s his real legal name from birth.

I’m sorry, but this is so hard for me to swallow. First of all, what are the odds a deadly space marine is going to be born with the last name Carnage? And beyond that? What kind of parents would name their kid Max so it ends up as Max Carnage?

Yeah, it’s almost like you’ve gotta be proud of it to name your kid something that implies the phrase “maximum carnage”, but I just can’t imagine doing that for real.

But he’s dealt with something like this before, eh? He’s the only man for the job?

Pretty much, sir. The man is a stone cold killer.

(God, it’s almost like he wasn’t given a choice…)

What was that, sir? I couldn’t hear.

Nothing soldier. Nothing at all. Now bring me Max Carnage!

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This is the lowest Hazardous Space has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $2.99 on Steam

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