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Hacktag - 2/17/19 - $8


Today’s deal is Hacktag!




This is Agent…I’m in.

What? What do you mean you’re in? Like…you’re in the vent? You hopped out and now you’re in the facility? What?

No, I mean, I’m just…yes, nevermind. Yes, I hopped out of the vent and I’m ready for you to hack the doors.


Okay, look, I know this probably isn’t the best time to get into this, but you’ve got to cut it out with this “I’m in” nonsense. The stakes are pretty high right now, and it’s confusing, and I’d hate that to be the reason we got caught…

Yeah, but…look, I’ve always wanted to be a hacker when I grew up…

Oh boy, here we go…

And I never got my chance to be a hacker because as we both know, my mom had already forced me into the Police Academy, which I then got thrown out of anyway, which is-

“Which is why I became a thief”, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Just listen! Don’t say “I’m in” anymore, it’s weird.



…okay, sheesh…

Now go and access the data panel. I’ve been waiting here for like five minutes now, and I HATE it when the police show up…

The official trailer for Hacktag:

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It’s $4.99 on Steam (USD).



Disclaimer: yes, i know this is a racist joke, but it’s not my fault he pronounces it that way, so maybe u should tell him it’s racist.


Um, hallo.

Is this for today? I’m sure it doesn’t matter, but today is the seventeenth.


Lol @Ernin8t0r goofed again (i fixed one up for him earlier this month) . Let me fix this one as well. That naughty corner is coming for you again Ernie…

Nice pick up @Haveaheart