[H] 11k+ Coins [W] Riot(Leauge of Legends) Gift Card

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How about I get a Riot Gift Card and you can get any game from the Coin Shop?


So I don’t think the request for something is unreasonable. I think if people think it’s a fair trade, they would go for it. It’s not like Lifedeather is trying to force a trade or to cause a negative impact on someone’s life/gaming/etc. Most people would just not respond if they think it’s unreasonable.

I might be an ass, I know, pardon me. But I don’t think he’s over the line in making a request for something he wishes to have for something he already has and doesn’t necessary want.

After all, I agree with you here:


You only YOLO once, so why not make the best out of it with what you’ve got?


It’s fully true and I see nothing wrong with this. I also want Riot Gift Card and could do the same trade. But I doubt anyone would do that trade, especially here since I think everyone her has coins enough.

Maybe it would work outside Chrono.gg