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Gunsmith - 7/2/19 - $12.99


Today’s deal is Gunsmith!





Hey! You there!

Ahhh! What? What are you doin’ hidin’ behind the dumpsters! I almost dropped my Slurpee, you jerk!

Uhhh…nothin’! Wanna buy some guns?

What? Are you serious right now?

Come on! I can’t figure out a better way!

And what do you mean “some guns”? You think I took my lunch break to walk down and buy a frozen burrito and a Slurpee and I’m gonna come back to my desk with multiple weapons?

Look, okay? Just gimme a break, if you don’t wanna buy any that’s fine, I just…look, Chrono had this game on sale today called Gunsmith, and it’s all about selling guns, and now I’ve got a taste for it…

I’m sorry, “you have a TASTE for it”? So now you’re just accosting people outside of convenience stores? Where did you even get the guns?

Don’t worry about it…

Oh, I’m very worried about it! I’m very worried! And by the way, I got that game today too, and I’m just fine!


Yes! And don’t you realize that as fun as the game is, the whole point is to show you just how crazy the arms industry is?

I mean, I guess…

It’s not like “Hey, go outside and sell guns to people at 7-11!” That’s stupid as hell!

Well, I don’t really have any anyway, I was just curious if you would.

Man…this is just…haven’t you seen Lords of War?

What? Is that a movie?

Yeah, Nic Cage is in it. It didn’t make too many waves when it came out but it has kind of a weird cult following. He sells guns in it.

Oh really? Maybe I’ll check it out…


…Hey, that game is super cool though, right?

I mean…YES, but don’t think that makes us buddies or nothing. You just tried to sell me guns at a 7-11…

Yeah, okay. That’s fair…

The official trailer for Gunsmith:

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Color me intrigued.