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Gunsmith - 1/25/20 - $12.99


Today’s deal is Gunsmith!





Oh my god, finally.


We’re finally selling Gunsmith!


Don’t you get it? It’s a game where you play as an arms manufacturer! I can finally do my Lord of War bit!

What the hell is that? Like the movie?

Yeah, dumbass! The Nic Cage movie! Remember the part at the beginning with the bullet? Where you like, follow the bullet around the world? I’ve got a great bit about that! I’ve been waiting!

Well listen, I’m glad you’re hype, and I hate to be the one to say this, but no one is going to get it.

What? Why?

Because no one knows Lord of War like you think they do!

Are you kidding?

Look, don’t get me wrong. I friggin’ love that movie, but it’s a total cult hit! Gamers don’t watch anything besides like, Marvel movies and Cats ironically!

That’s such an overgeneralization though!

Maybe, but it still doesn’t mean an overcomplicated bit based off an obscure 2005 crime drama is going to hit big and sell a million copies of Gunsmith!

Oh yeah? Well, what would you do, then?

Ha! What would I do? That’s not my job! I’m not the copywriter, you are!

Oh, so you’re just a naysayer, huh? Well how about this: I’m just gonna throw it out there. Let the people tell me whether it’s a good idea or not. If #yesigetthelordofwarjoke starts trending tomorrow, you’re gonna feel like such an idiot, dude…

Okay, fine. We shall see. We shall see. Seems like a nice, easy-to-remember hashtag.

People love Lord of War! It’s like Blood In Blood Out! People will always love it!

You are so weird.


Never mind. Good luck with the hashtag. I’m sure Gunsmith’s just gonna FLY off the shelves.

The official trailer for Gunsmith:

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I must find a way to make Gunchucks in this game. Also, the Community link is directed to the front page instead of here.