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Grim Dawn + DLC - 7/24/19 - $4.99/$12.60/$3.90/$13.60


Today’s deal is Grim Dawn!

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We’re sure for some of you out there the answer is already yes, but for those of you who don’t play D&D all the time, have you ever considered what fantasy class you or the people you know might be? Is your religious friend a paladin or a monk? Is that pothead writer you met in college a bard or a wizard? Is your AA baseball friend really a fighter, or do we think that just because a bat and a sword look kinda similar if you squint? The point is, it’s cool to think about, and if we can get you to do one thing today, it’s to think about yourself in this way for a few seconds.

But…if we can get you to do TWO things today, the other thing would be to imagine what OTHER class you’d like to be, and what that would mean in your real life. Does buying a dog make you a druid? Does taking up frisbee golf turn you into a ranger? Does making an account on 4chan turn you a little more rogue? The possibilities are almost endless, for sure, and it doesn’t matter what you pick, but the important thing is that you’re THINKING about it, because if not, how else are we going to convince you to buy this game we’re selling?

And speaking of which, if there’s a THIRD thing we can convince you of, it’s giving Grim Dawn (and possibly several of its expansions) a moment of your time. We already know that if you actually did engage with the first two paragraphs of this ad copy, you’re at least susceptible to the coolness of a well done high fantasy scenario, which is good, and if you want to play a beautiful apocalyptic Diablo-like where you can actually turn the camera and combine any two of the available classes to spec out your character, this one’s for you. It’s cool, everyone who worked on it is cool, and most importantly, we’re sorry for saying frisbee golf turns you into a ranger. We were wildin’, and it’s too late to change it now.

The official trailer for Grim Dawn:

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Sale price info:
This is matches the lowest Grim Dawn has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $4.99 on Humble Store.

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


dis is good, much recommend :blush:
and good time to get in on it too, big update incoming very soon, and a free content update sometime later after that

great game, great price, (great expansions to consider too)


must investigate game more Remember thinking it interesting, but don’t think I’ve played this genre before.


If you liked diablo 2 even little or any of its clones… for that price you are doing yourself a disservice not buying it lol


Never played any Diablo.


I would say to give Path of Exile a whirl to get an understanding of the genre, but the download is kinda big (25GB).


The upswing is that at least I have it in library. I’d have to uninstall some other first though. Also, since it’s large that download alone would take a wee bit of time, hehe.

Still working on my trades list filling in the blanks. For Grim Dawn though, I read something about people all having the same DLC’s to do multiplayer together?


yup, so if your friend/whoever is hosting has XY dlc installed, everyone must have them installed(or not installed if you are hosting a vanilla game)
-otherwise they need to uninstall dlc and do a compatible/“vanilla” version with you


That’s a bit wacky though. O_o Hm.


it’s because the expansions has major and fundamental changes to the game,
so basically it becomes too different to just overlap
it’s not like other games where it’s “just” a new area that opens up, and you simply can’t enter that, it has a couple of changes to the base game functions too that wouldn’t exactly gel together without a hitch
same reason why a friend couldn’t use an already expansion “converted” (base game)character in a vanilla hosted game with you, even if uninstalling the dlc, -because those changes would conflict with the base game “vanilla” data.

so versions much match, if host has base game + Forgotten gods, partners must have that, if have both expansions installed/created character “you” must have that, etc, XYZ order must match up


This is a great game. All I currently don’t own content DLC wise is Forgotten Gods and I’m going to wait for more drops on that. I also don’t have the 2nd Steam loyalist pack but that’s not a big deal.


D’oh. Didn’t think this would come around again so quickly after the last time (where it sold out). I since bought it on Steam at a higher price during the sales…


Sorry bud! :frowning:


Game is just a mixed bag but for that prize, ok.
Middle ground game, nothing much ground breaking, stuck in 2005.