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Grim Dawn + DLC - 5/31/19 - $4.99/$12.60/$3.90/$13.60


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@M00 is running a giveway for Grim Dawn here in the forums. Take part in it for a chance to grab a copy! :hugs:
[/quote] I’d seen that. Don’t think I’m eligible (also wouldn’t share what they ask:) ) but it’s very cool of them to do a giveaway for the community here


I fell the asleep too, but from the timestamps it must have sold out again long before this morning.


Got the sucker this time :slight_smile: Was nice to see Chronogg have the deal again, and was nice to make my first purchase here! 2 copies for self + coop partner.


We wanted to provide ya’ll with the deal again because many people missed it last time because we sold out everything. This time around we made sure that won’t happen again! :slight_smile:


Chrono peeps are so nice! Even the staff are swee! resists urge to pet the Raccoon



i order the game and i recive massige somthing wrong eror … they get money from my bank acount and dont send me nothing !!! …


send email to