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Grim Dawn + DLC - 5/31/19 - $4.99/$12.60/$3.90/$13.60



@Sepia11 @Bobogoobo @wolfkin @fiomtec @spudmuffin @delenn13

Notifying everyone that seemed interested in the deal. Buy it! :money_with_wings:


Been watching the site all day. So happy you guys got more in and I was able to get a copy. Thanks much Chrono!


Thanks, everyone and @coralinecastell , I got it. Yes, Chrono came through :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Back in stock!? My Steam Library just ended up getting a copy in stock too! 1x%20(1)

Dunno why this was left upside down… ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)


The game is Sold Out, will there be more codes? I just wake up now >,<


Yes, can we get more keys please?


And we’re out again, sorry folks, that’s all!


That sucks a bit… my timezone is a crap for these releases.
But ok, I guess I can’t argue with it, however, when I started to buy it, it was still in stock, but continue giving me an error. 10min later it went sold out, dunno if it was server delay or something.

Thanks anyway.




The error may have been because it went out of stock before you could complete the purchase. 1x




Thanks for the notification! Unfortunately I was, as predicted, asleep when the re-stock happened and missed out again :frowning: Oh well.

Can I suggest that a ‘stock gauge’ of some sort, like that seen on titles offered in the Coin Shop, is available for main deals as well? I appreciate Chrono might not want this to be displayed for every deal but in cases where keys are being sold at a very high rate above a certain threshold (such as happened with Grim Dawn), it could be activated and displayed on the main page to indicate that buyers should move quickly.

I wasn’t even aware that stock was so limited on these deals so to have the offer suddenly snap to ‘Sold Out’ while I was looking into the game was more than a bit disappointing and frustrating.

All the best for the future!


Likewise; first round was during prime UK commuting time so on public transport for the duration; second, dead of night. Would have been my first purchase from the site as well (and my coop partner’s!). Still, good of the store to engage with the community about it. Maybe next time :slight_smile:


I think a stock gauge, at least for the second batch, would be good.

Then again I have one issue with this which is: many people buy these daily deals to retrade. Maybe a gauge could further agravate that tendency.

I’m about to go on barter to check how many copies of Grim Dawn are available to trade and to note who the idiots are so I don’t trade with them in the future…

Pisses me off, man.

Btw @Sepia11, @Oussebon and @BioDio: @M00 is running a giveway for Grim Dawn here in the forums. Take part in it for a chance to grab a copy! :hugs:


Undoubtedly people will abuse good sales like these unfortunately; any morality went out of the window a long time ago in terms of anything related to money nowadays. I imagine any traders who have Grim Dawn will want something far in excess of another $5 game :slight_smile:

I did notice M00’s giveaway as well thanks, unfortunately I don’t meet his strict requirements! No worries though.


Sorry you missed it, @Sepia11. But stick around we have giveaways all the time

Plus we have lots of people scouring the internets to find free games being give away.




And welcome to the forum…:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


Idk, GD gameplay is just a slow and simple hack and slash/dungeon crawler/adventure RPG to me.
Not designed for open world.
Also not designed for co-op.
Closest gameplay is Van Helsing actually i’d say.
Sadly as an action RPG it’s just gets generic and boring, just different to PoE, Torchlight, Diablo 3. Inferior to PoE, if you want. Well, apples and oranges.

Atmosphere is great.
Progress and hero building seems fine, but gets boring too.
Mods recommended, Nexus.