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Grim Dawn + DLC - 5/31/19 - $4.99/$12.60/$3.90/$13.60


I don’t like seeing a SOLD OUT button within 2 hours of the deal going live,! :rage: Even if the DLC is a good deal I can’t activate it on my Steam account without the base game - literally unplayable! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Sorry folks! We definitely weren’t expecting to sell out, nonetheless sell out this quickly. We’re doing our best to grab some more copies of the base game, so stay tuned!


Hey,good games tend to do so! :slight_smile: You had same issue with Enter the Gungeon which is just amazing. Grim Dawn is a sweet deal at that price as well.






Wow, what happened to 24h?. If this is the way it’s going to be, I’m signing out :frowning:


yikes… sold out two days in a row? and I really wanted Geometry Wars for that price too. oh well. try again tomorrow.


Not gonna lie, one of the best RPGs, I love sharing this game. Still don’t own the expansions yet but I missed it all because I’m 3 hours late while condo-hunting in Austin, TX. All good though!

Just came to say great game and I’ll buy all your keys (or at least 4 more, lol) if you get some more in. This game deserves our support. :smiley:


> crap deals for weeks
> immediately sells out of good deal
Hopefully Humble puts it at $5 again soon, somehow I missed it before.


dang, i’m late to the party :confused:

well, anyways, i can’t recommend this game enough, :+1: :trophy: :+1::1st_place_medal:
everything about it, both Aom and FG expansions included, even Crucible is a fun challenge that rewards you nicely.
Should own and play if into arpgs, or just interested in getting into the genre
Intermittently people seem to be battling it out on the forum about which is the best; PoE or Grim Dawn, but for diff reasons, as PoE is mp oriented with “seasons”, -and GD is heavily sp focused(=mods+tools available), tho there is some mp/coop available but YMMV on that front as there is no official servers/ladder but p2p.

Only caveat about this game is it’s not AAA, it’s a small indie studio with 100x less the budget, so it wont always have Blizzard lvl of polish(imo they come damn close tho), and depending on system/hardware you can experience some technical hurdles that might require a few tweaks. (Asus’ audio suite “Sonic” doesn’t interact well with it for instance)

but yea, personally i don’t think i have anything bad to say about Grim Dawn or bad experiences with the game, it’s just fantastic, and the first time in years i’ve been happy to “grind” again :smiley:


dlc still for sale mah dood


Just to ask if it’s actually likely that the keys will get restocked? (That is, has it ever happened before?) Otherwise I’ll probably just go to bed :slight_smile:

I was really impressed by the modding/tools community and the dev attitude so was looking forward to picking it up.


not sure, but i think in the case of enter the gungeon it did happen

if i remember right they got extra keys but then those sold out pretty fast too


No one did that… I just said if you want to play old school ARPG made up to today’s standards there are 2 games - Grim Dawn and POE. Torchlight is a bit odd ball in that case. :slight_smile:


sry, didn’t mean battling it out “here”, but on the steam GD forum, it’s a question that comes up frequently
to which the answer often is “well you’re asking on the GD forum so what you think the answer is gonna be?” -but even still there are both GD and POE vets that will highlight elements of one over the other. Build diversity is one for instance, some prefer GD’s while other disagree and think PoE’s character build is more deep, tho in a much diff way
but mostly it often boils down to SP vs MP game, “which are you more interested in”.
since i’m the only GD “fanboi” on this/chrono forum, and haven’t played PoE yet, i’d pretty much just be talking in circles with myself if were to have such “battle” here, twirling my own beard as i drool about how awesome GD is and “clearly” the best :wink:


Get some rest!!! Sleep is important!!!

We’re not sure when we’ll get keys in if we do, can’t really say anything for certain unfortunately. Fingers crossed we’ll hear something soon though!


I understand, appreciate the response anyway, thanks!


This is the first time I’ve seen a game sell out! It’s a really good ARPG from a studio that has obviously put a lot of love and care into the game. If you like Diablo 2 you will probably love Grim Dawn. It is easy enough to get into casually and you can go pretty in-depth with builds and whatnot. I like that it doesn’t waste a lot of time so it’s good for short sessions too. I think it would do well on the Switch!


I had an itch to play an arpg a while ago and i got PoE because it’s free. It ran really poorly on my older rig with my crappy internet connection… tons of latency. Got GD and it looks great and runs well. It’s perfect for a cheapskate loner like me :laughing:


Grim Dawn is back in stock. :slight_smile: